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Commercial Landscaping

As Advertised: Landscaping Around Business Signs

As Advertised: Landscaping Around Business Signs Whether you realize it or not, the landscaping around business signs can make or break a business, depending on what’s used; how it’s placed; and how well it’s maintained. Some companies make the mistake of planting around signs in such a way that their signage is obscured, and some…

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Creating an Outdoor Lounge for a Better Office Life

outdoor lounge

Creating an Outdoor Lounge for a Better Office Life We’ve all heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” But there should also be a saying that happy employees mean a happy business. As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be maintaining a healthy work environment where your employees will thrive mentally and…

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Looking Ahead: Long-Term Landscape

long term landscaping

Looking Ahead: Long-Term Landscape You may not realize it when you’re casting your eye about your property and envisioning how you’d love it to look, but thinking about the future is one of the wisest moves you can make. After all, there’s more to landscaping than just picking out plants and placing them at strategic…

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What Does Your Commercial Landscaping Advertise?

commercial landscaping

What Does Your Commercial Landscaping Advertise? As a look at any piece of commercial property can easily show, there’s a lot that goes into keeping things looking their best. Much like residential properties, the landscaping that surrounds a business adds to its curb appeal and really sends a message; so commercial landscapes should be well…

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A True Cut Above: Winning the Open Space Award


A True Cut Above: Winning the Open Space Award As a historic community, Pensacola has long made it a priority to maintain, preserve, and celebrate the beautiful scenery of the city. We’ve done our utmost to put environmental initiatives in place that respect nature while still continuing the cultural and business growth of the area.…

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Raised Garden Bed Ideas

raised garden bed ideas

Raised Garden Bed Ideas With the many raised garden bed ideas that homeowners all over the country have used in making their backyards unique, some of the most popular trends have turned those spaces into true workhorses perfect for planting everything from beautiful flower beds full of eco friendly flowers to more monochromatic green gardens,…

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Basics of Pruning

basics of pruning

Basics of Pruning: Clear Cut Facts Most people think that when it comes to things like pruning bushes and pruning shrubs, they have the basics of pruning pretty down pat. Yes, they know that pruning involves maintaining the appearance and health of a plant by trimming parts of it away, but apart from picking up…

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Florida Grass

florida grass

Florida Grass: The Growth State Contrary to what you might think, grass isn’t just grass. There are some types that are more suited to different regions of the country and some types that are only maintainable for very small areas. To find the best grass for lawn landscaping, it’s important to consider things like climate,…

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Designing Spaces Military Makeover Edition

designing spaces military makeover

Executive Landscaping was featured on Lifetime TV’s Designing Spaces Military Makeover Edition on February 18th at 7am. Executive Landscaping recently worked with the team at Lifetime TV and The Wounded Warrior Project on a home makeover in Crestview, Fl for a military veteran, his wife and five children. The season five series premier of Designing Spaces Military…

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Landscaping By definition, landscaping involves far more than simply maintaining a lawn or trimming some trees. Landscaping is not only a service, it’s also a feature, a design element; and at Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have years of experience in the industry, building landscapes from the ground up and keeping them thriving. We have a…

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