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Beautiful and Allergy Free Landscaping

allergy free landscaping

Allergy Free Landscaping for Allergy Sufferers The start of Summer brings out the landscaping gardener in many of us. Whether it is commercial landscaping to add curb appeal for a business or residential landscaping to dress up the front porch of the house, landscaping is everywhere. Unfortunately for over 50 million Americans who are allergen…

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Simplified Gardening: How to Grow Succulents

how to grow succulents

Simplified Gardening: How to Grow Succulents If you’ve ever fancied yourself a gardener only to find out that your green thumb seems to be malfunctioning, succulent plants might be a dream come true. Much like cacti, succulents are pretty tolerant of neglect, which means that growing succulents doesn’t require nearly as much work as most…

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Pruning Crepe Myrtles Without Committing Crepe Murder

pruning crepe myrtles

Pruning Crepe Myrtles Without Committing Crepe Murder It’s pretty easy to mentally lump all plants into one category as “green things that require pruning,” but the crepe myrtle is a horse of an entirely different color or if you prefer to be more accurate, a tree of a different color. The point is that pruning…

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Winter Pruning

winter pruning

Be Prudent About Winter Pruning Winter pruning isn’t something that most people think about on a regular basis. In fact, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not even be aware that pruning should be a part of your winter lawn care, thinking instead that shearing off your plants and shrubs is something that needs…

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Protect Plants From Freezing

protect plants from freezing

Protect Plants From Freezing Looking out over your yard and seeing frost damaged plants is a sight that commonly freezes up any visions of having a winter wonderland a property owner might have. Really, unless you know how and when to protect plants from freezing, it’s a likely possibility that your winter landscape may become…

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Winter flowers

winter flowers

‘Tis the Season for Winter Flowers We all love the look of beautiful flower beds brimming with color and vibrancy, but it may seem as though that’s an impossibility during the harsh cold temps of winter months. There are, however, great winter flowers that will elevate the appeal of your winter landscape. Get ready to…

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Lawn Pest Control

lawn pest control

Lawn Pest Control Things That BUG Your Lawn Lawn pest control is one of the most important landscape maintenance issues you’ll face as a property owner, but it can be easy to get lost in the various types of lawn treatments. Should you be concerned about which lawn pesticides are considered a natural pesticide or…

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Southern Landscaping

southern landscaping

Southern Landscaping Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or one who feels limited by a small backyard, you likely have a few Southern landscaping ideas to create your ultimate yard. It can seem simple enough to design your backyard if you have the time and the vision to put it all in place, but…

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Raised Garden Bed Ideas

raised garden bed ideas

Raised Garden Bed Ideas With the many raised garden bed ideas that homeowners all over the country have used in making their backyards unique, some of the most popular trends have turned those spaces into true workhorses perfect for planting everything from beautiful flower beds full of eco friendly flowers to more monochromatic green gardens,…

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