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Green Roofs: Saving the World One Utility Bill at a Time

green roofs

The wisdom of cultivating gardens atop our structures becomes apparent as more businesses and private dwellings in urban areas adopt them. In addition to their beauty, these green roofs offer a host of benefits to home or business owners and our society at large. In the article below, we will explore the science behind these…

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Importance of Yard Drainage

yard drainage

Depending on where you live, yard drainage may or may not be an issue. In Florida, drainage problems can mean major trouble – in this June alone, Pensacola had 11.78 inches of rain. If you have any custom landscaping, this can be bad news for your trees, shrubs and lawn features. Plus, Florida is known…

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6 Design Ideas for Commercial Landscapes

commercial landscapes

Design Considerations for Commercial Landscapes Successful commercial landscaping is dependent on several factors. Achieving attractive and well maintained commercial landscapes starts with professional design services where all aspects are taken into consideration. This service includes green space & garden plantings, hardscapes and traffic flow, irrigation and drainage, and lighting. Aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and easy maintenance…

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Don’t Be Late for Early Spring Lawn Care

early spring lawn care

Don’t Be Late for Early Spring Lawn Care In some regards, lawn care could be considered an analogy for life: prepare for the seasons ahead well in advance so that when the time comes, you’re in the best position possible. It stands to reason, then, that spring lawn care doesn’t begin in spring, but in…

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Looking Ahead: Long-Term Landscape

long term landscaping

Looking Ahead: Long-Term Landscape You may not realize it when you’re casting your eye about your property and envisioning how you’d love it to look, but thinking about the future is one of the wisest moves you can make. After all, there’s more to landscaping than just picking out plants and placing them at strategic…

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Make Your Yard a No-Fly Zone with MistAway Systems

mistaway system

Make Your Yard a No-Fly Zone with MistAway Systems Unless you want to stock up on mosquito protection like citronella candles, bug zappers, mosquito netting, and billions of bottles of insect repellent, you’re probably going to have to face the fact that the fight against mosquitos isn’t one you’re likely to win when you spend…

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Get on the Level With Soil pH

soil ph

Get on the Level With Soil pH When you’re on a mission to maintain a healthy lawn, having good soil pH levels is extremely important. But unless you get a soil pH test, you won’t know if your turf is struggling to grow in soil that isn’t in balance. Soil pH levels show whether you…

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Party Pleasing Patio Designs

patio designs

Party Pleasing Patio Designs With all of the variations on patio designs available, a patio isn’t just a patio anymore. Depending on your taste and the way that you want to use your backyard, a patio can be an extension of your home or be designed to create a perfect getaway. Your imagination is the…

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Prepare Ahead with Fall Fertilizer

fall fertilizing

Prepare Ahead with Fall Fertilizer If you’re like most people, you probably already know basically what fall fertilizer is and what it does. Or do you? You might think of it as optional, an add-on that isn’t really necessary unless your grass is in dire straits. But if you want a truly healthy and beautiful…

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Healthy Lawn, Healthy Life

healthy lawn

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Life While there may not be one magic bullet to having picture perfect landscaping composed of a healthy lawn and stunning specimens of the horticultural world, there are certainly some things that you can do to get your yard well on its way to being the envy of your neighborhood. Naturally, there…

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