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Landscape Maintenance

Professional Landscapers

professional landscapers

Professional Landscapers As with any service provider, when you’re considering the need to hire professional landscapers to help you tackle your landscaping project, there are a few things you should know before you sign on the dotted line. Not all professional landscapers are created equal, and if you don’t do your own due diligence and…

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Reseeding a Lawn

reseeding a lawn

Reseeding a Lawn As with all living things, the older your lawn gets, the more issues it develops, especially when you’re not properly handling your lawn care. There are certain things you need to be doing to keep it in shape and looking its best; and one of the things you’ll want to know as…

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Mulching Leaves

mulching leaves

Mulching Leaves Before you break out the rake to get rid of all those leaves that have fallen into your yard, you might want to consider what giving the rake a rest would do for your landscaping. It may sound counterintuitive to let the leaves rest where they lay, but they can actually work in…

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Make Your Yard a No-Fly Zone with MistAway Systems

mistaway system

Make Your Yard a No-Fly Zone with MistAway Systems Unless you want to stock up on mosquito protection like citronella candles, bug zappers, mosquito netting, and billions of bottles of insect repellent, you’re probably going to have to face the fact that the fight against mosquitos isn’t one you’re likely to win when you spend…

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Get on the Level With Soil pH

soil ph

Get on the Level With Soil pH When you’re on a mission to maintain a healthy lawn, having good soil pH levels is extremely important. But unless you get a soil pH test, you won’t know if your turf is struggling to grow in soil that isn’t in balance. Soil pH levels show whether you…

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Fall Landscaping Checklist

fall landscaping

Fall Landscaping Checklist You may not know it, but fall landscaping can be broken out into two parts: early fall and late fall. And depending on which end of the season is coming up on your calendar, the ways you approach your lawn care can mean the difference between having a healthy lawn and beautiful…

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Plugging Away with Grass Plugs

grass plugs

Plugging Away with Grass Plugs Chilly weather can hit warm season grasses like St. Augustine grass, Bermuda, and zoysia hard; so sometimes it’s necessary to do a little damage control by filling in the bald spots. If you’re getting ready to plant new warm season grass or need to supplement areas that look a little bit…

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Latch on to Thatch


Latch on to Thatch Lawn care. As a homeowner, you know it’s an important thing; but if you’re the average citizen, there are many aspects of total lawn care that you’re not ready to handle on your own. You’re probably not aware of everything that goes into seasonal lawn care to help you keep that healthy…

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Prepare Ahead with Fall Fertilizer

fall fertilizing

Prepare Ahead with Fall Fertilizer If you’re like most people, you probably already know basically what fall fertilizer is and what it does. Or do you? You might think of it as optional, an add-on that isn’t really necessary unless your grass is in dire straits. But if you want a truly healthy and beautiful…

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