10 Most Common Lawn Questions Part 2

Still burning with questions about how to keep your looking lawn lush and lovely? Here are a few more answers to all those head scratchers:

What You Know Can Help You Grow

6.) When should a lawn be fertilized?
The best time to fertilize is in early spring, when the grass is just starting its growth period after being dormant all winter. Depending on the type of fertilizer you’re using, you may need to apply it on a wet lawn, while others will require that the grass be watered after the application. Always make sure you’ve fully ready the instructions before you begin. If you’ve hired a landscape maintenance contractor, they’ll be able to advise you on lawn spraying services including fertilizations, so ask about plans that will fit your needs and your budget.

7.) When should new grass seed be spread?
For grass seed to take root, it’s best to spread it in spring or fall, both of which are times of the year when the soil is warm enough to encourage quick germination. These are also seasons that are generally temperate—the soil and the air isn’t too cold, but it’s also much more mild than summer, when the air is hotter and can become more stressful on new growth.

8.) Is there a pattern to follow for lawn mowing?
Go freestyle and cross-train your lawn. Whether you’re mowing your grass in stripes, squares, or circles, that’s the direction that the lawn will grow. By changing things and not always following the same route, you’ll actually be encouraging your lawn to grow more uniformly.

9.) How often should the soil be aerated so that the lawn will be healthy?
Grass grows in the holes made by an aerator, so aerate once a season and do it early in the year, when the grass grows quickly.

10.) Does the lawn actually benefit from composting?
Compost is a natural source of nutrients, and if your lawn is lacking its essentials in any way, a layer of compost will be like a multi-vitamin. The nutrients in the compost will be absorbed into the soil and fed into the lawn, which means that your grass will be green and healthy.

For more information on ways to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, check with a reputable landscaping company in your area.

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