4 Beautiful Entryway Landscaping Ideas


“Curb appeal” is a phrase that comes into play when people are assessing the overall look of a home – the appearance or appeal of it – from the curb. It relates to what you see on that first approach of a home or property, from the health of the lawn to the style and condition of the driveway and walkways and even all the way to the front door. It’s extremely important, especially during the buying or selling process. Even the seemingly smallest factors like entryway landscaping can take on greater significance.

Entryway landscaping doesn’t strictly mean shrubs or bushes and garden beds. Those are all important, of course, because plant life adds a great deal of vibrancy, color and natural appeal to the look of a home. But hardscapes and various other architectural features can also be used to enhance entryway landscaping in ways that you might not have considered.

Entryway Arbors

Arbors and trellises are something that most people associate with landscaping in their backyards, but they’re actually a great way to add some charm to your front entryway. The walkway approaching your front door provides the perfect place to hang potted plants or to add draping vines. They also create a bit of shade as the plants grow. Similarly, trellises are a simple way to introduce visual interest to a large expanse of brick, stucco or siding otherwise unbroken by windows or doors.

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Take a Pause at the Entryway Patio

Even small entryway areas can benefit from a patio area using flagstone or interlocking paver stones. Especially in regions of the country like Florida where maintaining grass isn’t the easiest task, creating a small front patio area is a great entryway landscaping solution that will minimize maintenance and still add a great deal of appeal. The paver and stone patios also help drain water away from the house. To make the space more functional, add outdoor seating and other weatherproof furniture that welcomes guests and provides a great place to watch children play.

Walling-Off the Entryway

Stone walls are another great option for entryway landscaping. They help guide people along the walkway to the front door and bring some definition to the entry. If you have a seating area, they also help create a sense of division between that more personal area and the more open areas of the front yard. To keep a stone wall from looking too rigid, add some potted plants along the top.

Entryway Greenery

The failsafe for front entryway landscaping is, of course, classic garden beds. Hiring landscaping professionals like the team at Executive Landscaping is ideal for creating a garden space that will incorporate color, height, texture and scale to achieve a look that’s perfect for the style of your home.

The outdoor design experts and landscaping pros at Executive Landscaping have extensive experience working with clients who need that extra bit of property appeal across the Gulf Coast. We provide entryway landscaping that makes a statement and catches attention – and that’s the kind of curb appeal that every homeowner wants.

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