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6 Tips for Weed Control

If the idea of weeding makes you want to bang your head against the driveway until you’ve been knocked into a state of unconsciousness, you’re hardly alone. The entire task of weed control is, in fact, quite near the top of most people’s “I’d-rather-have-a-root-canal” list of things to do for home and property maintenance. Hence the proliferation of yard services and professional landscapers on weekly rotation for taking care of such tedious things. But the reason weed control is such a dreaded exercise is that it feels fruitless – not to mention endless – as weeds often have a life of their own and seem impervious to anything short of the apocalypse. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple things that help in the area of weed control. You just have to have a willingness to get your hands dirty and a little bit of patience to see things through. 

Control the Disturbance, Control the Weeds

Whether you realize it or not, your entire – yes, you read that right, ENTIRE – yard is filled with weed seeds. It’s only the seeds that lie in the first inch or two of the soil that receive the light they need to germinate and poke out their ugly little heads. That said, think about this: The more you dig in the yard or churn things up in the soil, the more weed seeds are brought to that level of germination-friendly soil where they become full-blown weeds. In that regard, weed control involves digging only when you need to and then immediately covering any areas of disturbance over with mulch or plants that impede the seeds from coming into the light. For weed control in lawns, kill growing weeds at their source without disturbing the soil. Use sharp, narrow-bladed knives or tools to slice their roots without actually digging them up. The fewer disturbances you cause to the soil, the better your chances at weed control.

Smothered and Covered Weeds

Mulching is a great method of simple weed control, as spreading a layer of mulch impedes light from reaching weeds. The more you pile on, the more you smother weeds-in-waiting. Keep in mind that organic mulches are especially good because they naturally attract crickets and beetles that happily feast on weed seeds like hungry diners at a buffet. Also remember that keeping the layer of mulch thick is crucial in staying weed-free.

Maintain a thickness of two inches deep – three inches or more deprives the soil itself of oxygen, which is not the goal here. Consider creating an extra barrier by laying landscaping fabric underneath the mulch, as this helps speed the weed control process along.

Well-Timed Weeding

Effective weed control is sometimes about timing, and the best time to weed is when the ground is wet. Using something as simple as a dinner fork is great to twist them out, though some require a full-on attack with fishtale weeders. When dry-weeding, slice weeds just below the soil line with a sharp hoe or knife.

Chop Off Their Weedy Little Heads

Full removal of weeds isn’t always possible. In these cases, it requires chopping off their heads. Deadheading them is beneficial in that, while it’s a temporary fix, it does buy you some extra time before “seed rain” begins and reduces the reseeding process and forces them to use up their food stores, which limits their spread. Trim them down with pruning loppers or weed-whackers and have a little fun as you chop off their heads.

Crowd Control

Crowd weeds out by placing plants closely together, which shades the soil. The closer your plants are, the less light creeps in for weeds to soak up and use for germination. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., our team of experts has the knowledge to execute the proper placement of plants to accommodate their mature size while still achieving the goal of weed control.

Don’t Water the Weeds

Watering correctly is also important in the game of weed control. While you do need water for the plants you want, the weeds shouldn’t receive the benefit of that water. In order to deprive them of the water they need to survive and thrive, place drip or soaker hoses beneath mulch. Your plants receive water even while the weeds stay thirsty.

We at Executive Landscaping, Inc., have years of experience in keeping clients all along the Gulf Coast weed free so that their yards are a masterpiece. We have the advice you need and the expertise to tackle it all, and we’ll provide you options for keeping the task of weed control off your list of things to do.

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