Add It Up: Backyard Additions That Make the Grade

Add It Up: Backyard Additions That Make the Grade

Sure, the front yard takes the credit for adding curb appeal to your home, but there’s no discounting the value of a tricked-out backyard. In fact, backyard additions can make all the difference when it comes to how much you enjoy your home life…And when it comes time to put your property on the market, those backyard additions can really tip the scale in your favor.

Naturally, the climate in your area will determine just how much time of the year is actually enjoyable in the great outdoors. But generally speaking, backyard additions really up the ante for making spring through late fall the perfect time to entertain outside. Even if you’re not adding on extra square footage to the back end of your home with something like an all-season or Florida room that’s under-roof and somewhat climate controlled, however, making additions to your backyard with something like a pergola can make spending time outside far more enjoyable. Not to mention much more colorful. After all, what pergola design is complete without a plethora of climbing plants or some type of draped fabric that’s bold and vibrant and picture perfect for adding shade and shelter from the sun and rain?

Fantastic Framework

Of course, the best pergola ideas take into account the rest of your backyard, as well. If you have backyard landscaping elements like waterfalls or fire pits, situate your pergola in such a way that it compliments the entire space and sets off that fun feature. Pergolas with arrangements of comfortable lounge seating are really ideal for creating relaxing backyards where people want to spend time. And if you’ve really gone all-in with your backyard design ideas and have an outdoor kitchen at your disposal, a nearby pergola can provide the perfect spot for al-fresco dining.

There really are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to what defines the “best” in best backyard additions. Fantastic backyard ideas run the gamut, depending on the size of your space; the style of your home; and, of course, your budget. So whether you’re considering patio additions; contemplating pool decking; drooling over the idea of installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, or just cozying up to the thought of toasting marshmallows over an open flame in your very own fire pit, there’s something perfect to get you living more of your life out back.

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