Annuals, Perennials, and Biennials?

Which Flowers Do You Fancy?

Everyone knows that all the flowers in the field have different names and different characteristics that make them look different, grow different, and smell different…but did you know that, depending on the type of flower, they also have different life cycles?

Seasoned gardeners can easily toss about terms like annual, perennial, and biennial; but if you’re the average homeowner, knowing the difference between those buds can be mystifying. Depending on the type of landscaping you’re envisioning and the environmental factors you’re facing, making a wise choice will take a little bit of digging.

The Annual Report

To simplify things a bit, an annual runs through an entire life cycle in one growing season, going from seed to flower and producing a brand new seed within that time-frame on an annual basis, completely dying off to start as a new generation with the new seed.

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Lasting Loveliness

Perennials, conversely, are much longer lasting and will come back for a repeat performance for many growing seasons ahead. Usually, only part of the flower dies in the winter months, leaving a living root system that will shoot back to full bloom in spring. Bud-less or not, perennials often keep their leaves all year long, which means that they have the advantage of being a great source of ground cover, regardless of season.

True for Two

Walking the line between the two types is the biennial, which requires a life cycle of two years. During the first year, the growing season produces a small development of leaves that hovers just above the surface of the soil, peeking out to give a preview of the show that’s to come. It’s not until the plant’s second year that a stem will fully emerge to grow up tall and strong, blooming out with flowers that will go to seed and start a new generation once the season closes out and the plant has completely died away.

So which bud will be your buddy? Consult with a landscaping maintenance professional; they have the experience to offer you advice on which type will suit your needs and your vision and can provide you with custom landscape solutions that will make your flower beds wow-worthy for years to come.

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