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How to Properly Prune Crepe Myrtles

Watch as Rene West describes how to properly prune Crepe Myrtles to get the most out of your blooms. Learn more about caring for Crepe Myrtles here: Pruning Crepe Myrtles Without Committing Crepe Murder Subscribe to Executive Landscaping’s YouTube channel for more videos on caring for your plants and creating your landscaping masterpiece.

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Three Simple Commercial Property Maintenance Steps

comm top shape

Commercial property maintenance is important to any business, as your landscape and the state of your property as a whole is something that people notice before anything else. It’s your first opportunity to make a great impression; but if you don’t seize the chance by beautifying your landscape, you might never get the type of exposure you’re…

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Create Beauty with Flowers that Bloom in Winter

winter flowers

Bloom on with Flowers that Bloom in Winter  Commercial properties should always stand out from their surroundings, and creating visual interest is an important aspect of that. The more colorful and unique the landscape, the more they attract people’s attention – and in business, that’s a great thing. Unfortunately, having a great landscape design means…

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Walking in Winter Wonderland Yard Decorations

winter wonderland

Here along the Gulf Coast, when winter rolls around, we don’t have the same visual cues other areas of the country do. We don’t get snowy sidewalks or glistening trees dressed in icicles. We do, however, experience serious drops in temperature that make us scratch our heads and wonder if we’re still in Florida, chills…

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Top Three Outdoor Heating Options

outdoor heating

Regardless of how much time, money and effort you’ve put into creating the perfect outdoor space in your backyard, wintery weather can really bring down the enjoyment factor. After all, who wants to sit around a cold yard when the lure of a nice, heated space beckons you into the house? Fortunately, there are a number…

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Can You Landscape in Winter?


No matter where you live, if you have a yard, the onset of winter begs the question, “Can you landscape in winter?” Naturally, most of us would love to hear a resounding “no” in answer to the query, as that would let us all off the hook for maintenance and new projects around the yard.…

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Executive’s Holistic Approach to Landscaping Ecology


Taking the Holistic Approach to Landscaping There’s been a major shift in the past few years to living holistically, removing the barriers between certain aspects of life like health and beauty, mind and body to create a deeper connection for them all and achieve a better-balanced way of living. Interestingly enough, that “holistic” way of…

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Fall Yard Decorating Ideas for Warm Climate

fall decorating

Decorating for Fall in Warmer Climates Contrary to what some people say, areas of the country with a warmer climate year-round DO actually experience fall – though it’s generally not quite to the degree that other areas do. Plants and trees still change their colors and eventually lose their leaves, grass still slows down its…

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