Backyard Hardscapes

Backyard Hardscapes:
Packed with Possibility

Backyards are, ideally, a place dedicated to fun; a place to roam free and run around; a place to gather and play and find an escape from reality. They’re a space separated from the rest of the world, where grills reign supreme and imaginations swing high. It’s no wonder, then, that backyard hardscapes have gained such great appeal to the population at large, that they’ve become a focal point for many a house hunter as they scour the market for the perfect place to call home.

Barring the possibility that you’re one of the lucky few who find themselves stumbling over a property whose backyard space has come fully-finished and furnished as though it was designed for the pages of a landscape magazine, you’re most likely looking at simple sod and uninspired concrete slab. Rather than settling for serviceable, take advantage of that wall-less piece of potential by doing something remarkable with it. The options available for backyard hardscapes are practically endless, running the gamut from classic decking to elaborate outdoor living spaces complete with couches and wired for sound.

While the less labor intensive projects can often be handled quite handily without the need of a professional, it might very well make your life easier to ask for advice from experienced landscape designers. Even if they only provide you with a few rough ideas for hardscape design, they might have some words of wisdom to impart that that will expand your simplistic view and open your eyes to the real possibilities that lie within the borders of your backyard.

Pool patios, multi-level decking, stone walls, water features, fireplaces…all of them have become increasingly popular features sought by the average homeowner, no longer so costly that they’re inaccessible to the less-than elite sector of society. Full-sized kitchens and living rooms have gone al-fresco, personal putting greens are at the fore, and waterfalls cascade the calm.

The size of your property is, of course, something to be taken into account; but with the right plans in hand, you can achieve the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of and still stay within a reasonable budget. Just bear in mind that the more elaborate the project, the more help you’ll need in actually pulling off that perfect plan—otherwise, you might end up making costly mistakes or un-sightly missteps.

Dream big and dig in—you might very well find that you’ve found heaven on Earth, right in your very own backyard. Give the landscaping team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!