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Beautiful and Allergy Free Landscaping

allergy free landscaping

Allergy Free Landscaping for Allergy Sufferers

The start of Summer brings out the landscaping gardener in many of us. Whether it is commercial landscaping to add curb appeal for a business or residential landscaping to dress up the front porch of the house, landscaping is everywhere. Unfortunately for over 50 million Americans who are allergen sufferers, suffering goes hand in hand with beauty. Beauty should not cause suffering, but pleasure. The good news is beauty does not have to cause suffering. It is possible to create beautiful areas of landscaping for allergy free sufferers. Let us share some valuable ways to make this a reality for you.

The High Allergy Culprits to Beware Of

Smaller and less showy plants, flowers, some trees, and grasses, are the big culprits for giving allergy sufferers the fits. The reason for this is because bees don’t spread this pollen, but the wind. This pollen usually has a barbed surface which acts as little sails on the breeze. The problem with this is the wind is not picky where the pollen goes, including into the sinuses of allergy sufferers. The barbs latch onto the sinus membranes and are difficult to get rid of. Allergy free landscaping is more important now than ever because allergens have increased dramatically within the last twenty years. Part of the reason is increased popularity of curb appeal, particularly at businesses. Another reason is many different kinds of grass are used in landscaping because of their beauty and hardiness, but they are also among the highest allergen producers.

The Low Allergy Friends to Embrace

Big colorful flowering plants, deep tubular flowers cacti, and some trees produce the lowest number of allergens. They have a smooth surfaced pollen and use bright colors and fragrance to serve as natural bee attractors, which spread the pollen from flower to flower. This kind of pollination is low regarding allergies, and are spread by the hairy legs of bees and other insects. Speaking of bees, this is another good reason to embrace allergy free plants. Flowers are the largest honeybee magnets, especially the big colorful and the tubular types since the honeybee has been on the decline within the past few decades, it is even more reason to have beautiful allergy free landscaping full of vibrant colors.

Be Allergy Smart When Working Outdoors
  • Work in the cooler part of the morning or evening when the pollen levels are lower
  • Check the pollen count levels from the weather report before going out.
  • Wet the area where you plan to be working. This will help to keep the pollen on the ground
  • Keep the grass in your yard cut short and well-trimmed
  • Tree and shrub maintenance is an important way to keep pollen levels down
  • Put the higher allergen-producing plants in the back of the garden
  • Wear clothes like coveralls, gloves, and hats that you can remove before going indoors so you can leave much of the pollen outdoors
Allergy Free Landscaping Does Not Have to Sacrifice Beauty

These are important steps you can take to have beauty for your eyes and relief for your sinuses. The important things to keep in mind is the bees and the wind. If you see pollen being spread by bees and other insects, there is a good chance this results in a reduced pollen count that causes low allergens. If you see pollen blowing from plants, flowers, and grasses, this will raise the pollen and result in high allergen production. However, these rules are not hard and fast, and how many of us really know how to bring together professional results, or have the time to put together beautiful landscapes? Fortunately, there is an expert who can help, Executive Landscaping. They know their allergy free plants and can put them together into allergy free landscaping along with exceptional beauty. Not only that, Executive Landscaping can expertly put together the curb appeal which adds a professional touch to your business. The fact is it is the curb appeal that is the first impression that people have about a business. It speaks of class and paying attention to all the details. If someone goes to the effort for beautiful curb appeal, you can bet they put effort into all aspects of their business. This is where Executive Landscaping can make your business stand out. Landscaping for allergy free sufferers can be beautiful for the eyes and easy on the sinuses. Whether it is residential landscaping or commercial landscaping, contact the experts. You deserve the best. Allergy free landscaping can be beautiful.