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Beautiful Flower Beds

Beautiful Flower Beds:
Digging Down on Palafox

It was a labor of love that led to the creation of the beautiful flower beds in downtown Pensacola in early 2015, lining Palafox Street with colors that enliven the 30 long-neglected planting plots and transforming them into a ground-level greeting to those who wander this way, reminding them that sometimes it really is good to stop and smell more than just the roses.

Begun as a collaborative effort of some of the area’s heaviest hitting legal eagles, when the plan for Palafox’s flower bed beautification took form, it soon became clear that reviving the weed-choked street would need more than the care of a casual gardener; and so they approached Executive Landscaping, Inc., hoping that our seasoned landscaping experts would lend our hands and our hearts to perk up Palafox and keep it beautiful. At Executive, we take a particular pride in our community here in Pensacola; and the Palafox plantings are, for us, not simply a job—they are a privilege and an opportunity to give back. We want everyone who walks the streets downtown to see the unique beauty and charm that makes our city so special, to know that its citizens are proud to live and work here, and to feel the passion that keeps us thriving.

Beautiful Flower Beds Planting Pride and Passion

At Executive, the reputation we’ve built throughout Pensacola and all along the Gulf Coast has been the result of our hometown roots and the pride we take in each and every property we maintain. That pride has kept us growing both as a company and as members of the community, and the Palafox project has become an outgrowth of that. It’s a responsibility we consider an honor, a recognition for the ways we try so tirelessly to serve our clients, and a way to thank them for showing us support and loyalty for more than 30 years.

Beautiful flower beds are a simple way to add color and liven up a space, to create visual appeal and take a landscape from boring to bold. They’re a small touch that communicates dedication to beauty and a commitment to certain standards; and to the members of our team at Executive, the flower beds that now grow along Palafox Street are a reminder of our roots here in the community that has grown so strong.

For more information on the Palafox Street flower beds, visit: Pensacola News Journal Flowerbeds Beautify Palafox

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