Best Fall Lawn Care Tips for Gulf Coast Homeowners

Fall Lawn Care

When it comes to landscape maintenance, one of the biggest pushes for any property owners comes at the end of summer, when the calendar creeps toward autumn and they have to start considering fall lawn care. Proper fall lawn maintenance prepares lawns for cooler temps and slower growing periods, when root systems shore themselves up to store enough nutrients to see them through the cold snap and get ready to germinate. A professional landscaping maintenance services team can provide you with a list of fall lawn care tips so that you know everything you should about fall lawn care from what lawn spraying services you’ll need to plan to when you should start decreasing your watering schedule and scale back on the lawn mowing.

Seed the Need

Despite the way it sounds, overseeding a lawn is actually a good thing. Overseeding should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to fall lawn care, because it crowds out the bad grasses and sneaky weeds that may try to overtake your lawn and replaces them with lush, healthy grasses that will need less care and maintenance later on. As fall draws nearer, you’ll need to cut the height of your grass down as much as possible to prepare it for the seeds, then spread your seeds, fortify the soil with organic lawn fertilizer or natural compost, and water regularly until the fall season actually starts; and when autumn is in full swing, you’ll still be looking at a beautiful landscape that your neighbors will envy. Make sure, however that the seeds you use are new. If you use old seeds, you’ll decrease your odds of successfully growing your grass because seed germination rates are lower in old seed than they are in newer seeds.

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On the Ball for Fall

Fall lawn care also means you’ll need to start planning things like turf and shrub soil analysis to determine the pH levels of your soil so that you can choose the proper types of fertilizers and treatments to use, applications of pesticides and herbicides to ward off those bugs and diseases that thrive in cooler weather, and de-thatching to clear away accumulations of dead grass that may impede nutrients from reaching the soil.

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