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Beyond the Basics with Hardscaping

Hardscaping is far more flexible

By definition, hardscaping is far more flexible than the term would imply. Most people have the staid idea of hardscaping being very limiting, in fact – but with all of the advances in technology and design, there’s more to this landscape feature than concrete.

The image you present with your property is based on curb appeal, and hardscaping is crucial to that. You want your home or business to stand out from the rest––and for all the right reasons! You want visitors to your property to notice the care and pride you take in being a property owner, and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is to invest in hardscaping.

Hardscaping still includes traditional cement driveways, but there are elemental designs that can be implemented in that surface to make it seem more upscale––like multicolored cement tiles arranged in mosaic patterns. Rather than the serviceable concrete walkways that lead to and from your entrances, why not consider brick pavers or flagstones to give it a more unique look?

Highlight the Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the perfect way to elevate your space––figuratively and literally. Concrete retaining walls are the ideal way to build the infrastructure of your property to define different areas of your yard or provide you with privacy. Water features and pools can be highlighted by the simple addition of the right bordering accents, like interlocking pavers or the polished planks of a patio. Pool houses, pergolas, and outdoor entertaining spaces take serviceable landscapes and make them luxurious retreats; hardscaping can take the inside and bring it outside to create an environment for outdoor living that takes full advantage of your yard. Fully functional kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are a temptation to venture outside from sunrise to sunset, the perfect place to watch the seasons change.

Even the most functional features of your property can be reimagined to become something extraordinary with the installation of hardscaping. Fencing, sidewalks, and pathways shouldn’t be limited. You’re a property owner with pride, so make every aspect reflect that! Line your lawn in concrete masonry fencing rather than the expected expanse of wood or wire mesh. Gravel your grounds to guide and soften the flow, and stack your defenses with segmented retaining walls that provide shelter against erosion without compromising the visual cohesion you’ve created.

Hardscaping may seem cemented in stone, but with so many paths to explore, it’ll be hard to curb your creativity! Contact Executive Landscaping, Inc., for all your hardscaping needs today!