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Where Do I Get Landscaping Rocks?


Any landscaping project takes time, vision and money. It also takes planning and attention to detail, if you want to achieve a masterpiece that adds curb appeal, rather than looking like something haphazardly thrown together. Aside from the obvious plants, trees, shrubs and flowers, there are various accents of the non-organic kind that add a…

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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Summer is quickly winding down, which means preparing to get the kids back to school, preparing your mind to get back to reality after that wonderful vacation…and preparing your landscaping for fall. Get ready to break out the fall landscaping checklist. Cringe all you want, it’s a necessary evil that comes with the joys of…

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How to Get Rid of Landscape Puddles

The issue of standing water in the yard is a common problem that property owners all over the country face, regardless of their location and the size of their property. There are various reasons for the formation of puddles, and one of the ways to solve the problem is to understand the “why” behind it.…

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Land Clearing Before a Landscaping Project

Much like most landscaping projects, there are different degrees of land clearing. Ranging from the all-inclusive clear-every-last-square-inch-of-the-lot missions to the much more “manageable” clear-out-the-overgrowth tasks that many homeowners face after they’ve begun to consider finishing out their landscaping. Land clearing is never a simple matter of breaking out a few tools and setting to work.…

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Landscaping In Stages

No one loves the idea of having to sink a big chunk of change into a project all at once. But having to scrap your vision in favor of the cheapest solution shouldn’t be the only option, either. Fortunately, landscaping on a budget is possible, if you do it in stages – or phases, if…

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6 Tips for Weed Control

If the idea of weeding makes you want to bang your head against the driveway until you’ve been knocked into a state of unconsciousness, you’re hardly alone. The entire task of weed control is, in fact, quite near the top of most people’s “I’d-rather-have-a-root-canal” list of things to do for home and property maintenance. Hence the proliferation…

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6 Great Edging Ideas

Most people focus on the larger aspects of landscaping and forget to think about the minor ones – the finishing details, if you will. One of the details that often goes untended (no pun intended) is edging, as many people consider it unnecessary. Done right, however, there are a few edging ideas that add even…

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Energy Efficient landscaping


Simple Tips for Energy Efficient Landscaping In this day and age of “going green,” it’s little wonder that so many people have turned that focus on ways that their homes function, from the appliances they choose for their kitchens to the light bulbs they use in the bathroom vanities. Energy conservation is a huge concern,…

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Why Is Landscaping Important


Why is Landscaping Important? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about landscaping much further than it being a “finisher” for a property, kind of like an accessory around a building or a home. And yes, it’s certainly significant for adding curb appeal, but the importance of landscaping is actually far more than you…

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Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass?


Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass? Keeping grass healthy, vibrantly green and lush is naturally a task anywhere –much more so in Florida, where the temperature often swings wildly and the extreme heat taxes plants to their breaking point. We also battle against the humidity and our lack of naturally nutrient-dense soil, working instead with sandy…

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