Built-in Barbecue

Built-in Barbecue

If you’re like many homeowners today, you’ve likely become well aware of the many fantastic backyard ideas being put to use all over the country, one of the most popular of which is to install an built-in barbecue into some aspect of the design. Outdoor kitchen ideas abound with a dizzying number of gadgets and features, including everything from traditional freestanding outdoor kitchen grills to faux stone walls built around open-fire ovens and built-in barbecue islands set in the midst of a sea of cabinetry. But even those built-in barbecues are only the beginning when it comes to backyard design ideas that incorporate outdoor kitchens. Just imagine picking up everything you could possibly want in your dream domain of chef-dome and putting it all outside, out where the air is fresher and the grass is greener, and wood smoke means dinner’s on its way.

Be Well-Lit

No great outdoor kitchen ideas would be complete without the perfect outdoor lighting; and whether you like the magical ambiance of fairy lights or tend to favor something a little more focused to help you go about your tasks, there are many options to keep your cooking space well lit far for even late night noshing.

Step-Up Your Prep

Countertops and storage cabinets are a necessity in any built-in barbecue; and materials like water-resistant woods and stainless steel make it possible to keep everything close at hand. Stone, brick, tile, and concrete make ideal countertops for any prep area that’s open to the elements; and incorporating bar-style seating can make the area a place where everyone gathers to watch your grill skills at work while they feast on your latest masterpiece.

Stainless steel or ceramic sinks will help you keep everything clean, so you’ll want to check into the best solutions for running a waterline to your kitchen. Some sinks simply use a hose to connect to a water supply, while others can tie into your home’s plumbing.

Basic Essentials

It may sound like common sense, but in the midst of all the fun you’re having with your outdoor kitchen ideas, it can be easy to forget a few basics. Think about what’s above you as well as what’s below you. Having a covered area away from the direct sunlight or sheltering you from the rain is ideal, but make sure that your grill station gets proper ventilation so that smoke can dissipate. You’ll also want slip resistant flooring under-foot, so find a material that bears up well to the elements and doesn’t become slick when things get wet.

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