Can You Landscape in Winter?

No matter where you live, if you have a yard, the onset of winter begs the question, “Can you landscape in winter?” Naturally, most of us would love to hear a resounding “no” in answer to the query, as that would let us all off the hook for maintenance and new projects around the yard. No shovels, no rakes, no pruning shears, no lawnmowers…Sounds like heaven. Sounds like time to rest and relax. Sounds like shirking your duties.

Truth be told, while winter may not be the time you are itching to landscape, there are things you can do. Admittedly, there are certain things to leave off the list during the colder months of winter. But there are some very important jobs that should still be kept going so that your yard is kept healthy and is well prepared for the next growing season.

Winter Landscape Pruning

Pruning trees in winter is certainly not done with the degree of intensity that it is in other seasons, but it’s still a wise task to perform. Do so with care, however, only removing branches when necessary to reduce the size of the tree or shrub, provide clearance or to reduce the risk of breakage. Can you landscape in winter? Clearly, you can.

Mulch for Wonderful Winter Landscaping

Mulching is another must, as the mulch creates a layer over the soil to trap in heat that the roots need during the winter. It also helps maintain the health of the trees and plants by improving the nutrients in the soil, reduces soil erosion and impedes the invasion of weeds.

Winter Watering

Watering new plants and trees is important even in winter because plants need sufficient moisture in order for their roots to continue growing, despite the fact that the portion of the plant that is above ground is dormant. If you live in an area where rainfall slacks off in winter, water occasionally to keep soil moist.

Winter Protection of Landscaping

Naturally, winter landscaping involves protecting the landscaping from hard freezes to prevent the risk of frozen plants and suffering cold damage. When the temperature dips, cover plants with old sheets or quilts, burlap or other types of cloth. An important tip to remember unless your goal is to burn the plants: Avoid using plastic sheeting or bags. Plastic causes condensation to form on the leaves from freezing temperatures, and trapped condensation plus sunlight equals burned leaves.

Planting Prudently in Winter

Planting is still possible in winter so don’t hang up the shovel just yet. Winter is actually an ideal time to plant perennials, which will literally spring to life in spring. Winter planting of these particular plants brings with it the advantage that they need watering during winter. Take precautions, however, as the soil cannot be too wet. It’s also important not to plant when the ground is frozen.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., our team of outdoor experts ensures that your landscape is as much a masterpiece in winter as it is during the rest of the year. We work with clients all along the Gulf Coast, and we know the importance of quality work in keeping your property looking its best.

Call the landscaping experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. today to learn more about the services we offer, and we’ll answer the question of “Can you landscape in winter?”