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Southern Landscaping

southern landscaping

Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or one who feels limited by a small backyard, you likely have a few Southern landscaping ideas to create your ultimate yard. It can seem simple enough to design your backyard if you have the time and the vision to put it all in place, but some of…

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Raised Garden Bed Ideas

raised garden bed ideas

With the many raised garden bed ideas that homeowners all over the country have used in making their backyards unique, some of the most popular trends have turned those spaces into true workhorses perfect for planting everything from beautiful flower beds full of eco friendly flowers to more monochromatic green gardens, while others have utilized…

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Mulch Types

mulch types

Though it might be common to think of mulch as simple chips of wood used in garden beds and landscaping projects, there are actually several different mulch types that are suited to various applications; and some of them aren’t even made of wood. In fact, with the various mulch types available both on the market…

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Garden Plastic Sheeting

garden plastic sheeting

Garden Plastic Sheeting: All Tucked In If you’re working on creating some planted garden beds on your property, one of the most effective tools in ensuring that you’ll be weed-free is by using garden plastic sheeting. Because it provides a physical barrier between weeds that haven’t yet had the chance to germinate and the sunlight,…

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Bulbs vs Seeds

bulbs vs seeds

Bulbs vs Seeds The Starting Point When it comes to planting flowers, one of the biggest decisions comes in the debate of bulbs vs seeds. Is there really much of a difference? And if so, is one better than the other? The answer that would really depend greatly on where you live, what kind of…

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Plant Types

plant types

When it comes to choosing plant types for your landscaping, think like a matchmaker and consider the qualities of the plants and their “must-have” list in finding a perfect partner. Every species of yard plants is different, with different likes and dislikes for everything from soil to sunlight; so as you decide which plant types…

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Watering Plants

watering plants

Stop the Soak Watering plants is usually considered a good thing; but, as is the case with anything good, there is such a thing as too much of it. Signs of overwatering aren’t always readily apparent because they can easily be mistaken as signs of being dehydrated, and soon you’re in a damaging spiral, drowning…

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Spring Landscaping

Spring Landscaping

When spring rolls around, it can seem like there are always things to do, whether you’re doing spring cleaning around the house, gearing up to file your taxes, or putting early plans in place for your summer vacation…spring landscaping can easily fall to the bottom of the list, but it’s important to remember that your…

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Preparing Planting Beds in Spring

planting beds

Spring is the time of year that everyone looks to for signs of new growth after a long, cold winter when so many plants go into dormancy, and your planting beds will need to be well-prepared for the season ahead so that they can bloom at their best. Weed Things Out Prevent unwanted guests from…

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