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Landscape Design

Where Do I Get Landscaping Rocks?


Any landscaping project takes time, vision and money. It also takes planning and attention to detail, if you want to achieve a masterpiece that adds curb appeal, rather than looking like something haphazardly thrown together. Aside from the obvious plants, trees, shrubs and flowers, there are various accents of the non-organic kind that add a…

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Landscaping In Stages

No one loves the idea of having to sink a big chunk of change into a project all at once. But having to scrap your vision in favor of the cheapest solution shouldn’t be the only option, either. Fortunately, landscaping on a budget is possible, if you do it in stages – or phases, if…

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6 Great Edging Ideas

Most people focus on the larger aspects of landscaping and forget to think about the minor ones – the finishing details, if you will. One of the details that often goes untended (no pun intended) is edging, as many people consider it unnecessary. Done right, however, there are a few edging ideas that add even…

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Why Is Landscaping Important


Why is Landscaping Important? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about landscaping much further than it being a “finisher” for a property, kind of like an accessory around a building or a home. And yes, it’s certainly significant for adding curb appeal, but the importance of landscaping is actually far more than you…

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Which Landscaping Zone Am I In?

landscaping zones

You already know about the country’s division into time zones, but the map is also divided into various sections called landscaping zones. Gardeners and growers refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map delineated by each of these zones to determine which plants are most likely to thrive in a particular location. Each landscaping zone…

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4 Beautiful Entryway Landscaping Ideas


“Curb appeal” is a phrase that comes into play when people are assessing the overall look of a home – the appearance or appeal of it – from the curb. It relates to what you see on that first approach of a home or property, from the health of the lawn to the style and…

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Do You Have a Landscape Design Plan?


A Landscape Design Plan for Your Yard If you’ve ever tried completing a project without having a plan, you know it’s not usually a wise thing to do. Things turn out far from the way you imagined they would, whether in look or in actual function. This means all that work was for nothing. Similarly,…

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Jump in with Cool Pool Landscaping Designs


Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Splash Pool landscaping is something that often falls by the wayside. Many people rely on their pools to do all the work in making their backyards seem interesting. But even the most impressively sized pool falls flat without the right features surrounding it. From fully-decked out patio spaces to…

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Landscaping with Rocks: Fun and Practical

Landscaping is a term that generally brings to mind all things green and growing. Not always ideal in areas like Florida, where dry conditions and high temps can put the health of your plants at risk, though it certainly can be done. For a break from the higher maintenance landscaping components, landscaping with rocks is…

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