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Landscape Hardscapes

Where Do I Get Landscaping Rocks?


Any landscaping project takes time, vision and money. It also takes planning and attention to detail, if you want to achieve a masterpiece that adds curb appeal, rather than looking like something haphazardly thrown together. Aside from the obvious plants, trees, shrubs and flowers, there are various accents of the non-organic kind that add a…

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Commercial Hardscape Ideas

commercial hardscape ideas

Boost Business With Commercial Hardscape Ideas The word “commercial” doesn’t have to mean boring – especially when it comes to landscaping and hardscaping ideas. Think about it: If curb appeal is important in selling a home, how much more so is it vital in selling a company? Well, maybe not selling it so much as…

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Retaining Walls Part III: Retaining Walls vs. Garden Walls

Stacking Retaining Walls Against Garden Walls Unless you’re a licensed landscaper or spend hours every day poring over articles and websites that focus on landscape design, you’re likely one of the millions of people who look at the words “garden wall” and “retaining wall” and consider them to be pretty much interchangeable. Tomato/toh-matoh, right? Wrong.…

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Retaining Walls Part II: Costs of Concrete vs. Stone

Stacking Retaining Wall Stone Against Concrete As with anything, when you’re taking on a project like the installation of a retaining wall, you must consider the pros and cons of the materials…not the least of which is their cost. In comparing the two most commonly used materials for retaining walls – concrete and natural stone…

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Get Out! Creating the Ultimate Backyard

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been in outdoor living and creating areas that accommodate everything from simple little gardens to full-on spaces worthy of dinner party invites. Naturally, those spaces are designed according to the actual living style of the homeowner; but with the range of outdoor products available, the possibilities…

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Create The Outdoor Man Cave of Your Dreams

outdoor man cave

Are you ready for some football? That’s an easy yes, but the real question might be: Is your man cave ready for the big game? And there is an even better question: Are you ready for an awesome outdoor man cave? That’s right; we said outdoor man cave. Fall weather on the Gulf Coast is…

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Benefits Of Custom Pool Waterfalls

custom pool waterfalls

Incredible Benefits Of Having Custom Pool Waterfalls In Your Backyard Pool waterfalls can be assembled in a variety of shapes, sizes, and structures to complement your swimming pool and landscape. You can turn any well-planned pool waterfall design into a complete work of art. Before designing custom pool waterfalls of your own, you must first…

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Creating an Outdoor Lounge for a Better Office Life

outdoor lounge

Creating an Outdoor Lounge for a Better Office Life We’ve all heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” But there should also be a saying that happy employees mean a happy business. As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be maintaining a healthy work environment where your employees will thrive mentally and…

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Add It Up: Backyard Additions That Make the Grade

backyard additions

Add It Up: Backyard Additions That Make the Grade Sure, the front yard takes the credit for adding curb appeal to your home, but there’s no discounting the value of a tricked-out backyard. In fact, backyard additions can make all the difference when it comes to how much you enjoy your home life…And when it…

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