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Land Clearing Before a Landscaping Project

Much like most landscaping projects, there are different degrees of land clearing. Ranging from the all-inclusive clear-every-last-square-inch-of-the-lot missions to the much more “manageable” clear-out-the-overgrowth tasks that many homeowners face after they’ve begun to consider finishing out their landscaping. Land clearing is never a simple matter of breaking out a few tools and setting to work.…

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Do You Have a Landscape Design Plan?


A Landscape Design Plan for Your Yard If you’ve ever tried completing a project without having a plan, you know it’s not usually a wise thing to do. Things turn out far from the way you imagined they would, whether in look or in actual function. This means all that work was for nothing. Similarly,…

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How to Find the Right Commercial Landscaper

commercial landscaper

Commercial landscapers are the professionals that make the living pieces of art that surround business buildings. They plan, design, and maintain the lawns and gardens of commercial establishments. Their work is the customer’s first impression of the business. A beautiful landscape encourages customer satisfaction and gives your business a professional look. To achieve that look…

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Create The Outdoor Man Cave of Your Dreams

outdoor man cave

Are you ready for some football? That’s an easy yes, but the real question might be: Is your man cave ready for the big game? And there is an even better question: Are you ready for an awesome outdoor man cave? That’s right; we said outdoor man cave. Fall weather on the Gulf Coast is…

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4 Ways to Solve Landscaping Drainage Problems

landscaping drainage

If rainwater stands in your yard for hours after the rain stops, you may need to do some custom landscaping for drainage. Backyard flooding can ruin outdoor plans and make your yard unusable for hours or even days after a heavy rainstorm. Here are a few different ways that you can drain the excess water…

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How to Make a Raised Garden Bed

how to make raised garden beds

Not everyone knows how to make a raised garden bed and have it turn out well, but even without a great deal of prior experience or a tremendous amount of money and space, it really is possible to achieve a raised garden bed that looks great and thrives for years to come. Be Uplifted Landscaping…

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How to Transplant Shrubs

how to transplant shrubs

When you’re thinking of how to transplant shrubs, you might feel overwhelmed by the possibility that all of those beautiful perennials and succulents in your gardened areas won’t fare well in their new environment, even if it’s only a few feet away. Thankfully enough, there are skilled landscape maintenance companies who can do all the…

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