Best Fall Lawn Care Tips for Gulf Coast Homeowners

fall lawn care

Fall Lawn Care When it comes to landscape maintenance, one of the biggest pushes for any property owners comes at the end of summer, when the calendar creeps toward autumn and they have to start considering fall lawn care. Proper fall lawn maintenance prepares lawns for cooler temps and slower growing periods, when root systems shore…

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Top dressing your lawn

top dressing your lawn

Top­ Dressing Your Lawn If your lawn is looking less than ideal, you may be in need of some kind of grass treatment like organic lawn fertilizer or lawn spraying services to get your turf in top condition; but knowing what’s on the schedule and how to do it can be more than a little…

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Florida Grass

florida grass

Florida Grass: The Growth State Contrary to what you might think, grass isn’t just grass. There are some types that are more suited to different regions of the country and some types that are only maintainable for very small areas. To find the best grass for lawn landscaping, it’s important to consider things like climate,…

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What is Dormant Oil

Dormant Oil

Defined and Refined So just what is dormant oil? While usually referred to in the more general terms of “horticultural oil,” dormant oil is a type of oil-based insecticide that is applied to trees, shrubs, and other plants during their dormant periods, before buds begin to open and there was no foliage. Though there was…

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When to Apply Pre-Emergent

When To Apply Pre-Emergent

Time’s Up Pre-emergent, or turf pre-emergent, is a type of herbicides formulated to prevent the germination of weeds and stop them from ever beginning to grow. Knowing when to apply pre-emergent depends mostly on the climate and natural growth schedule within a particular zone or region of the country, and because they must be applied…

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