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Seasonal Landscaping

Create Beauty with Flowers that Bloom in Winter

winter flowers

Bloom on with Flowers that Bloom in Winter  Commercial properties should always stand out from their surroundings, and creating visual interest is an important aspect of that. The more colorful and unique the landscape, the more they attract people’s attention – and in business, that’s a great thing. Unfortunately, having a great landscape design means…

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Walking in Winter Wonderland Yard Decorations

winter wonderland

Here along the Gulf Coast, when winter rolls around, we don’t have the same visual cues other areas of the country do. We don’t get snowy sidewalks or glistening trees dressed in icicles. We do, however, experience serious drops in temperature that make us scratch our heads and wonder if we’re still in Florida, chills…

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Can You Landscape in Winter?


No matter where you live, if you have a yard, the onset of winter begs the question, “Can you landscape in winter?” Naturally, most of us would love to hear a resounding “no” in answer to the query, as that would let us all off the hook for maintenance and new projects around the yard.…

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Fall Yard Decorating Ideas for Warm Climate

fall decorating

Decorating for Fall in Warmer Climates Contrary to what some people say, areas of the country with a warmer climate year-round DO actually experience fall – though it’s generally not quite to the degree that other areas do. Plants and trees still change their colors and eventually lose their leaves, grass still slows down its…

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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Summer is quickly winding down, which means preparing to get the kids back to school, preparing your mind to get back to reality after that wonderful vacation…and preparing your landscaping for fall. Get ready to break out the fall landscaping checklist. Cringe all you want, it’s a necessary evil that comes with the joys of…

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Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

When you’re thinking about summer, thoughts of hot weather, cool dips in the pool, and vacations spent with your family probably pop into your head. But one thing that should also pop into your head is lawn care. Which, if we’re being honest, should actually begin in spring. Spring is when summer lawn care truly…

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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Florida

When you live in a state like Florida, the idea of lush, green lawns might seem almost laughable. We have such extreme heat in summer and even sometimes in spring that lawn care can often feel like an uphill battle that you never win. But all that lushness really can become a reality for your…

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Creating a Yard Worth Screaming About

A Yard for Halloween! It’s almost Halloween! So it’s also time to trick out your yard and get it looking like a treat, rather than a horror. Sure, you might want to make it look scary – but the scary factor should come from your ghoulish decorations, not the actual state of your yard. That…

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Open Season for Aerating Your Lawn

Don’t Forget to Aerate! If you’re a property owner with your eye on the prize of having a lush, lovely green lawn worthy of the high-gloss pages of a magazine or verdant enough to catch the eye of your neighborhood garden committee, you’ll probably be watching the calendar and trying to get a game plan…

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