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Seasonal Landscaping

It’s Grow Time: Spring Fertilizing

spring fertilizing

When it comes to getting the healthiest lawn possible, spring fertilizing takes a leap to the top of the priority list; but it’s important to remember that when you do it and how you do it matters, as well. As your might know, fertilizing your lawn in spring helps the grass grow faster once it’s…

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Defrosting the Damage of Frozen Plants

frozen plants

Defrosting the Damage of Frozen Plants Frozen plants are not something anyone wants to see, especially if they’ve invested time and money into their garden to keep their landscape looking at the top of its game. But winter weather has a tendency to wreak havoc on plants and grass, both of which can be extremely…

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Freeze Out the Cold Damage

cold damage

Freeze Out the Cold Damage Think about it: Do you love drastic fluctuations in temperature, especially when those fluctuations have the thermometer hovering near, or sometimes even below, freezing? Unless you’re an Eskimo, the answer is probably not; and your plants are the same way. All of those lovely green things growing in your garden…

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Winter Pruning

winter pruning

Be Prudent About Winter Pruning Winter pruning isn’t something that most people think about on a regular basis. In fact, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not even be aware that pruning should be a part of your winter lawn care, thinking instead that shearing off your plants and shrubs is something that needs…

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A Heated Issue: Firewood


A Heated Issue: Firewood The chill of winter is in the air; and if you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace, you’re probably gearing up to get those fires going. But before you let your inner pyromaniac tell you that wood is wood and all wood burns well, take a few tips from the experts on which…

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Seeing the Forest for the Christmas Trees

christmas trees

Seeing the Forest for the Christmas Trees Despite the proliferation of pre-lit trees that stay evergreen even after you pack them up nice and neat in their very own boxes, the appeal of real Christmas trees is still undeniable. To meet the still very much alive demand for a fresh cut Christmas tree, some dedicated…

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Mulching Leaves

mulching leaves

Before you break out the rake to get rid of all those leaves that have fallen into your yard, you might want to consider what giving the rake a rest would do for your landscaping. It may sound counterintuitive to let the leaves rest where they lay, but they can actually work in your favor.…

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Latch on to Thatch


Lawn care. As a homeowner, you know it’s an important thing; but if you’re the average citizen, there are many aspects of total lawn care that you’re not ready to handle on your own. You’re probably not aware of everything that goes into seasonal lawn care to help you keep that healthy lawn you’re so proud…

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