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Solutions for Roof Runoff Drainage

Roof Runoff Drainage

Rene West of Executive Landscaping discusses solutions to fix roof drainage issues in a commercial building. Learn more about how to resolve drainage issues in your yard or commercial property by visiting these blog posts: 6 Way to Solve Landscaping Drainage Problems Importance of Yard Drainage Best Practices for Dealing with Stormwater Subscribe to Executive Landscaping’s…

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Understanding French Drainage

Watch as Rene West discusses issues with water pooling in a yard and how he and his team use french drainage to fix this common problem. Learn more about resolving drainage issues here: 6 Ways to Solve Landscaping Drainage Problems Subscribe to Executive Landscaping’s YouTube channel for more videos on caring for your plants and creating your…

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How to Budget for a Landscaping Project

budgeting for landscaping

When doing a project of any kind, it’s not as simple as deciding what you want to do and then hiring someone to do it. You must consider many variables including ideas, time and cost.   Like it or not, landscaping expenses can add up quickly, so you need to know how to budget before you…

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Taking the Holistic Approach to Landscape Management

holistic approach

More than ever before, society is focused on living consciously, not only regarding ourselves but also the environment. We try every possible method of “green” living, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our resources so that nature isn’t negatively impacted. Today we live “cleaner,” conscious of what we are putting into our bodies and where…

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How to Properly Prune Crepe Myrtles

Watch as Rene West describes how to properly prune Crepe Myrtles to get the most out of your blooms. Learn more about caring for Crepe Myrtles here: Pruning Crepe Myrtles Without Committing Crepe Murder Subscribe to Executive Landscaping’s YouTube channel for more videos on caring for your plants and creating your landscaping masterpiece.

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Jump in with Cool Pool Landscaping Designs


Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Splash Pool landscaping is something that often falls by the wayside. Many people rely on their pools to do all the work in making their backyards seem interesting. But even the most impressively sized pool falls flat without the right features surrounding it. From fully-decked out patio spaces to…

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Rock it Out With an Outdoor Sound System

Outdoor Sound Systems That Rock While it might be easy to assume that sound systems operate the same way outside as they do indoors, it’s actually a more complicated thing to get sound flowing throughout your outdoor space. Unlike a home, where walls and the ceiling create an acoustic effect, outdoor areas have essentially nothing…

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Hurricane Tips for Your Yard

hurricane tips for your yard

Handy Hurricane Tips for Your Yard When you live in Florida, you quickly learn how to get your family and yourself ready for hurricane season. You stock up on bottled water and non-perishable foods, batteries and flashlights. You know the whole drill. You’ve even got all the necessary tools and materials to batten down the…

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Summer Weather Landscaping

How Summer Weather Impacts Your Yard When you’re making plans to do something that involves being outdoors, you generally do something like checking the local weather forecast. But when your outdoor plans are landscaping-related, you’ll need to consult something that people have been relying on for centuries: the Farmer’s Almanac. Far more reliable than those…

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