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Top Ten Bird-Friendly Garden Plants

If you’re a bird lover, you’re not alone. Their beautiful colors, playful activity, cheerful chirping – People all over the world spend hundreds of thousands of hours watching them and hundreds of thousands of dollars tracking them. And while you might not be a dedicated ornithologist, having an appreciation for these winged creatures and all…

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Common Garden Pests that Eat Your Garden

The rotting leaves, the brown stalks, the wilted flowers are all strange growths that resemble no natural part of any plant we have ever seen. They are all signs of garden pests – diseases, small rodents with insatiable appetites and harmful infestations of bugs and insects. None of them are unusual headaches to encounter when…

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Common Landscaping Mistakes


If you’re like most people, you might not think that there’s a lot of foresight to landscaping. You go to the nursery or the garden section of the local home improvement store, pick some plants and flowers that catch your eye, cart them home and then spend a few hours getting up close and personal…

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Drainage Trenches for Water Runoff

Drainage Trench

What do you do if your parking lot is on higher ground than your property? Rene West of Executive Landscaping discusses how trench grades can keep runoff water out of your building. Learn more about how to resolve drainage issues in your yard or commercial property by visiting these blog posts: Solving Drainage Issues? Call…

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