Choose the Right Paver Stones with Your Best Foot Forward

While many people move into their homes feeling stuck with contractor-grade poured concrete walkways, backyard patio slabs, and driveways, those drab gray slabs really aren’t the only option. One of the best ways to bring some curb appeal to your home and add some visual interest to the backyard is by switching out the standby standard for paver stones. Interestingly enough, pavers have become one of the most popular landscape solutions for homeowners who want to take things up a notch without having to do a complete overhaul of their properties. And with all of the different options available, concrete stone pavers have boring old poured concrete slabs kicked to the curb.

Paving the Way

Stuck with a limited amount of space and a smaller budget? You don’t have to swap out your entire driveway. Use pavers as an alternative for the workaday walkway. Walkway designs using interlocking pavers can really add some pizzazz to your property, and they work well in smaller spaces. Pavers also make wonderful accents to other landscaping features. Garden pavers can be the perfect way to define your beautiful flower gardens or bring focus to your green gardens. In fact, they’re one of the most simple but effective hardscaping ideas, perfect for any style of home and ideal for homeowners with even the most limited amount of space.

Pavers to Favor

Concrete pavers also come in a variety of colors and shapes, but if you’re not satisfied with the standard concrete kind, you can choose something like natural paver stones or brick pavers. There are benefits of concrete pavers to consider, however. They’re more affordable, not to mention the durability factor. Because they’re concrete, they naturally weather well in the elements and stand up to a great deal of wear and tear from daily use. Their modular design also makes them easily installable and more easy to repair, which makes them practical and a DIY dream.

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There are actually two types of concrete pavers: interlocking and architectural slab. Naturally, both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s key to keep in mind the type of project that you’re doing. Slab pavers don’t have edge spacers and are thinner and less useable for driveways. They can, however, be molded to create the look of stone or brick. By contrast, interlocking pavers have edge spacers that help create more uniformity in their joints. They’re also more durable than slab pavers, and their thickness makes them ideal for use anywhere, even on the driveway.

Saving the Paving

Paver stones are easy to care for and require little maintenance for keeping them looking great, which makes them great for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of upkeep. Stains and mildew can be easily removed with a bit of scrubbing, but generally all they need is a little bit of sweeping and some weeding around their edges.

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