Commercial Landscaping Ideas

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An effective commercial landscape is part form and part function. The form enhances your property, reflects your brand and creates a connection between you and your customers. The function offers sustainable solutions, adds value to your property and conserves water and energy. Below, we look at some commercial landscaping ideas that highlight your property and set it apart.

1. Build Your Brand

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An attractive, well-maintained landscape reflects your brand and creates a positive public image. The right flowers, greenery and hardscape reinforce your brand image and create a culture within your team and customers. Like any other element in your brand, landscape helps people easily identify what your company is and what you represent.

2. Create an Outdoor Seating Area


Opening an outdoor space is an excellent way to attract a new crowd and excite your customers. It promotes a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that brings in business.

A patio is an attractive addition to your landscape and makes for great word-of-mouth advertising. It is the pleasant backdrop that patrons seek out. You can tailor your patio’s style to attract a different kind of patron than your usual clientele.

3. Direct Traffic


When guests enter a property, they’re not always sure where to drive, park or walk. While street markings and signs can help guide a driver, they’re not always easy to spot in areas where vision is limited, or drivers have to make quick decisions.

Landscaping solves this problem by providing landmarks that are hard to miss. Landscape and hardscape elements can show visitors where they need to go or what areas to avoid.

4. Get Attention


When someone enters your property or drives by on the street, the first thing that they see is the outdoor landscaping. Add landscaping that will instantly get their attention. Create welcoming and distinct access to your property.

Use materials with different textures and colors. Create unique pathways to attract customers. Add unique plants, outdoor furniture and decorative features.

5. Highlight Your Building’s Architecture

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Buildings are often the property’s focal point. If they have unique architecture, then highlight the best features using plants and hardscapes. Consider adding a living wall or a green roof to any building area that could use some decor. Also, consider adding plants throughout the building’s interior.

6. Focus on Sustainability


With sustainable landscaping solutions, it is possible to get the landscape design you want while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. What does a sustainable landscape include? Try xeriscaping, grasscycling, erosion control, water conservation, carbon sequestration, habitat creation, mulching and composting. Also, invest in smart irrigation technology. Add features that are beneficial to the natural setting.

7. Line Property Pathways


Landscape design involves more than just filling in spaces with colors and textures. It also involves creating definitions with lines and borders. When creating your pathways, they need to be highly visible and stand out. Line your pathways with mulch, shrubs or walkway lighting. Doing so showcases your walkway and makes it safer for people to walk.

8. Add Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting is an example of a landscape or hardscape element that is highly aesthetic and functional. It adds a distinctive decorative touch to your property by allowing you to highlight certain features at night, including your business name and logo. It also makes your property safer to walk or drive on. Lighting can illuminate dark areas that are otherwise hard to see.

9. Create A Water Feature

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Water features project a gentle sound, enhancing the mood you’re trying to create on your property. Water has its own unique and fluid texture that can provide a stark contrast to blades of grass or the hard lines of architectural elements. Small ponds that feature flowers and greenery can transform a bland property into an enlightening experience for all visitors.

10. Focus Attention on the Entrance


Addition of thoughtfully designed accessibility features such as accessible pathways and disabled parking spaces make your property universally friendly. Outdoor seating areas imply that you encourage employees to take advantage of the fresh air and sunlight and welcome visitors to do the same. Water features can be a relaxing attraction. A soft surface play area for children to enjoy is another inviting attraction.

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