Why You Need Professional Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

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An attractive, well-maintained landscape can do wonders for your business. It boosts brand image and exudes a sense of pride in the company’s property. However, landscaping takes creativity and hard work – two things you may not have time for in conjunction with day-to-day business affairs.

Executive Landscaping can help you design and subsequently maintain your landscape without worrying about the upkeep. There are several benefits to hiring a professional commercial landscaping company for your business.

You Get a Professional Design Every Time

If you are in the construction phase of your business, you will need to include landscaping as part of your property’s exterior design image. However, coming up with a landscape concept involves more than placing a few plants along your sidewalk.

For your business to have a professional look, you will want to bring in a seasoned landscaper who can guide you through developing your layout from the ground up. Indeed, your landscape design may take a few weeks to complete before its ultimate enaction. The designer may draw a scale of the design from the top down with a perspective that is rendered in color.

It will detail the location of items such as the following:

  • Walkways
  • Benches or seating areas
  • Walls
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Lighting
  • Mulch and covering

Putting these components together requires a lot of planning and strategy. To obtain requisite results, you will need to hire a professional to ensure project completion.

You Can Design a Concept to Elevate Your Brand

Landscaping is as vital to your organization’s brand as any other element on your property.
For instance,

  • Corporate properties have a landscape that is clean and uniform with few colors or ornate plants. Most of the landscape is green with a simple layout to project a business feel.
  • A vacation resort has lush flora and fauna that invokes an exotic vibe. Plants are typically multi-colored with multiple patterns and layouts.
  • Golf course landscaping is almost purely functional once you step onto the course. Plants are largely green and unobtrusive. Many of the components both enhance and fortify the natural landscape to minimize erosion while giving the course an ultra-clean look.

The point is that the landscape should not merely enhance the property. Rather, it is an extension of your company’s brand and public persona. A professional landscaping company can help you unearth the elements that complement your organization’s cultural identity. Your customers and clients can sense the vibe of your brand through the surrounding landscape the moment they enter your property.

Professional Landscapers Offer Sustainable, Efficient Solutions

One of the things you may not realize when creating your landscape is how much water and resources your plants and other components consume. Plants such as Bald Cypress, bamboo, Bob Sage, Copperleaf or Giant Leather Fern require a lot of water through the summer months when droughts are likely. Resultantly, they may not be deemed sustainable solutions.

Professional landscapers are, in effect, yard technicians and engineers. They understand the mechanics of topography and the biology of the plants you place on your property. There are several ways that an experienced pro can help you create a more sustainable landscape concept:

  • Recommending recyclable products
  • Planting drought-resistant, low-water trees, flowers and greenery
  • Offering solutions for erosion reduction
  • Developing ideas for water conservation
  • Incorporating eco-friendly fertilizer and pest control products
  • Replacing invasive or problematic plants

Professional Landscape Maintenance Saves You Money in the Long Run

Small landscaping issues never go away; they can just get worse. Every day, a problem grows more expensive and requires more time and effort to fix. Professional landscape maintenance minimizes the impact of problems on your commercial property. You can save hundreds of dollars in landscape repairs or other expenses as a result.

A landscape company can also help you clarify your needs to avoid spending money on needless projects or maintenance. You can space out your maintenance services to better manage your monthly budget. Make sure you use the same company for all your maintenance needs. It allows you to combine all services together, thus saving money.

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Pro Maintenance Services Take the Guesswork Out of Landscaping

Chances are if you attempt a DIY landscaping project without knowing what you are doing, you will create more problems than solutions.

Plant nutrition and placement, erosion prevention, water conservation, irrigation systems, fertilizer, mulch, layout design, sustainability, automated technology and ongoing maintenance are all issues you will have to deal with almost daily.

Many of these issues will require a certain trial-and-error attitude if you are an inexperienced landscaper; however, like many other things, this approach costs money.

A licensed and experienced professional landscaping company possesses the expertise, knowledge, resources, tools and equipment necessary to help you with your landscaping project from start to finish, which is especially important if you are adding landscaping to your current building construction project.

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