6 Benefits of Commercial Water Features

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Are you looking to add a decorative element to your commercial landscape to attract new clients and set your property apart? If so, you may want to install a decorative commercial water feature, such as a pond, waterfall, stream or fountain.

Water features add vibrancy and versatility, offering many options for your landscape or hardscape layout. They can also add a depth of sound, as many people feel a sense of calm when encountering a water feature. They are ideal for walkways, gardens and greenery. They also make an eye-catching centerpiece for any commercial entrance.

Why Should I Add a Water Feature to My Business Landscape?

There are six main reasons why water features are a great addition to your commercial landscape.

1. Help Your Business Stand Out

A water feature can elevate your brand profile and help your property to stand out. However, adding this type of feature cannot be an afterthought. You need to work with your landscaping company to carefully design and display the water feature so that it has an impact on your employees and customers.

For instance, a large centered water fountain or waterfall is more eye-catching than several small fountains placed in discrete areas. Ponds and streams have a greater effect if they run alongside walkways or as close to visitors as possible. In other words, for your business to stand out, your water features need to stand out. 

2. Create Opportunities for Gatherings or Special Occasions

You can build a stimulating environment around a water feature that doubles as a meeting area or a place to host company events. Next time you schedule a holiday gathering or want to celebrate a big win at your company, simply have everyone meet by the water fountain.

Creating a gathering area around a water feature gives it a purpose that is greater than just adding an aesthetic. You can add hardscapes, florals, greenery, seating and lighting that make people want to spend time in the area around the features. You can create memories that give your water features a deeper meaning.

3. Increase Your Property’s Aesthetic Value

There is some debate about whether a water feature will increase the commercial market value of your property. Some experts contend that the right feature can increase your property value by up to 20 percent. Others would disagree and say that a water feature adds little to no resale value to your property.

However, one thing is certain, a commercial water feature-especially one that is low-maintenance –  increases the aesthetic value of your property, making it a selling point to investors or commercial buyers. While it is impossible to speculate whether a water feature will increase your property’s market value, it can give you an advantage over the competition when it comes time to sell your building.

4. Provide a Distraction from the Noise

If your business is located in a busy part of town, a water feature can offer a nice distraction from the noise. Granted, the feature may not drown out the noise or eliminate it, but when a customer is suddenly drawn to your pond, waterfall or water fountain, they will no longer be distracted by the surrounding noise.

Water features can be especially helpful in your building interior when drowning out noise is essential to creating a positive experience inside. Strategically placing a larger water feature inside the building can block some of the outside noise that people find irritating or distracting.

5. Attract Birds to Your Property

Not all animals that come onto your property are pests. Some animals, like birds, add character to the property and are often welcomed by staff or customers. The Northern cardinal, common yellowthroat and Northern mockingbird are all birds people enjoy viewing.

A water feature can attract these birds who stop by to drink or bathe. If you have larger ponds on your property, you may attract ducks, swans, herons or other native Florida birds. Depending on the type of business you own, birds can be an enjoyable attraction to your business.

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6. Provide Sound and Movement to an Otherwise Still Area

The addition of water gives your business character and definition that comes from its flow. Water features add sound and movement to the landscape, producing excitement and interest when people drive or walk onto the property.

A moving pond creates a focal point for any area of your landscape. A waterfall blends well into a natural background to add ambiance to your indoor or outdoor layout. Simply put, wherever there is a water feature, there is an opportunity to create a dynamic that entertains, inspires, relaxes or energizes people.

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