Common Landscaping Mistakes


If you’re like most people, you might not think that there’s a lot of foresight to landscaping. You go to the nursery or the garden section of the local home improvement store, pick some plants and flowers that catch your eye, cart them home and then spend a few hours getting up close and personal with a shovel while planting your goodies wherever you think might look good.

Taking the willy-nilly approach can often lead to landscaping mistakes and here are a few that you’ll want to avoid:

1. Improper Placement

While it’s not always a bad thing to let visual appeal be your greatest inspiration in deciding what you plant where – it’s essential to realize that the placement of those plants is one of the things that can ultimately make or break your landscape.

For instance, planting trees and shrubs too close to structures like pools, decks, patios or a house is one of the most significant landscaping mistakes to avoid, as the root systems are a danger to foundations and the structures themselves as they grow. Planting too closely also sometimes results in the trees and shrubs growing into windows and siding.

You should also consider the amount of human traffic an area may have. Thorny plants are especially not ideal for sidewalks, walkways, driveways or any other space that has a lot of foot traffic.

2. Underestimating the Value of Hiring a Professional

One of the most common and costly landscaping mistakes that people is not hiring a landscaping professional. These are the people whose expertise lies in doing things well and with a plan. They know which plants go where and why, what they need for proper maintenance, what their characteristics are and how they’ll work in your space.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we work with clients on projects of all sizes and in all budgets to achieve landscapes that fully execute their vision and work well for their needs. We understand the common landscaping mistakes and pride ourselves in avoiding them, creating outdoor spaces that are worthy of the investment and give our clients a sense of satisfaction.

3. Starting Without a Plan and a Budget

Another of the most commonly made landscaping mistakes is improper budgeting, or not having a budget at all. Landscaping can often be costly without proper planning, so it’s important to create a budget and then research what might be in your price range as far as materials, plants and any labor costs that implementing your vision might involve.

4. Lacking Environmental Awareness

Knowing your environment and any conditions that could potentially affect your landscape is also extremely important in avoiding landscaping mistakes. If you have a yard that slopes and is subject to water erosion during rainstorms, you’ll need to have that issue resolved by regrading your yard before anything is planted.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., our years of expertise provides us with the knowledge needed to avoid the most commonly made landscaping mistakes. We work with clients across the Gulf Coast in bringing their vision to life and creating a masterpiece in their yard that they’re proud to show off.

Call the outdoor experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. and let us help you avoid making landscaping mistakes today!