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Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Splash

Pool landscaping is something that often falls by the wayside. Many people rely on their pools to do all the work in making their backyards seem interesting. But even the most impressively sized pool falls flat without the right features surrounding it. From fully-decked out patio spaces to water features that wow, pool landscaping creates the perfect setting for getting the most out of your backyard design and lends a sense of style that really sets it apart.

Shape Up Your Pool

Pool designs are generally standard in shape and size. Customizing their design, from the shape and dimensions to the tile accents and pool surround, is a great way to make it truly unique to your home and keep it from looking builder-grade. Instead of using simple poured concrete, set it off with a surround made of paver stones. You’ll need to use stones that are slip resistant and durable, so consult with a professional like the team at Executive Landscaping to make the perfect selection.

Luxe Landscape Features

If you love the look of a spa, choose a mix of materials that have a more luxurious feel. White stones and gravel interspersed with a minimal amount of succulent greenery introduces that sense of Zen that really helps you feel relaxed.

Pool Zones

Create different zones in your pool landscape plan. Have a dedicated seating area for lounging, one for poolside play and one where lush plants lend the tropical feel. You’ll think you’re away on vacation without ever having to pack a single bag.

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Campy Cozy Pool Landscaping

Add rustic charm using reclaimed wood from barns or old homes. Decks using these woods have an undeniable appeal and create a lodge-like effect that lends itself well to a more natural, outdoorsy backyard space. Bring in elements like an outdoor firepit, which play up the coziness of the environment and extend the amount of time you can enjoy outside.

Splashes of the Tropics

Surround yourself with plants and flowers that speak to a tropical feel and you’ll be able to imagine yourself on an island. Flank one end of the pool with a water feature like a waterfall or a cascading wall of water to finish off the effect. Your pool will be anything but simple.

If you want your outdoor space to center around your pool, let your pool landscaping set it apart. Doing so is as simple as adding the right features that suit your design style and your lifestyle, but having professional help in achieving your vision will be crucial. The team at Executive Landscaping has years of experience in doing just that and we’re proud of the masterpieces we’ve created all over the Gulf Coast.

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