Create a Dreamy Sleeping Porch

When you live in the South – especially the COASTAL South – porches are not so much an option as a necessity. And one of the best ways to enjoy a porch is to transform it into a dreamy space known as a sleeping porch. Once upon a time, sleeping porches were a common part of most Southern homes, as people spent so much time on their porches during the warm days of spring and summer they would often sleep there. Highly preferable to being cooped up in stuffy indoor spaces, they would drift off to dreamland as the cool night air breezed in and the sounds of nature played a gentle lullaby.

Sleeping Space

Sleeping porches were most popular in the early 1900s, when doctors actually recommended that people sleep outdoors to boost their immune systems. Because air conditioning hadn’t been invented, sleeping outside in the cooler night air became all the more appealing. Most often, sleeping porches were essentially screened in decks, porches or balconies located at the corner of the house so that the breeze blew in from all directions.

Though they went out of vogue for a while, sleeping porches have made a major comeback, popping up as features in custom deck building designs all over the country. But no matter the age of the home or even the size of the outdoor area, it takes only a few simple tweaks to transform an existing deck, porch or balcony space into a dreamy sleeping porch. Perfecting your porch DOES mean keeping a few things in mind, however.

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Sleep Essentials

  • As with all porches, the space should be fully covered against the elements and bordered by a railing.
  • Bugs are notoriously annoying and will interrupt your sleep, so enclose the space with screens. If you want privacy, you might also want to add fabric shades made with weather-resistant material.
  • Furnish the space with pieces that are cozy, comfortable, casual and weather resistant.
  • Incorporate furnishings that you can enjoy and use all day long. Daybeds function well both for sleeping and seating, and a suspended bed can pull double duty as a spacious, comfy swing. To complete the look and functionality of the sleeping porch, add extra seating as well as accent tables.
  • Up the comfort factor with ceiling fans to keep air circulating through the space and bring in some light with table lamps.

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