How to Create an Awesome Backyard Pond

Serene Solutions for Backyard Ponds

It hardly takes a rocket scientist to realize that ponds are a source of tranquility. These small pools of water naturally seem to invite you to sit and stare into their soothing depths, listening to the wind whisper as it gently blows through the surrounding foliage and watching the contented choreography of the fish swimming just below the surface.

Fortunately for you, all that zenned-out bliss you’re feeling at the very thought of it all can be yours for the taking, even if you don’t have a mega-sized budget or a huge space to work with. These water features are highly beneficial to the ecosystem as well as your own psyche, and it takes only a simple design to incorporate them into your backyard landscape.

Pondering Points for Your Pond

Naturally, you’ll need something to hold the water. Your options range from simple containers like plastic-lined whiskey barrels to large, water-sealed clay tubs; but if you’re working with a landscape professional, they’ll also be able to help you explore more elaborate options that might include additional features and are larger in size.

If you want fish or other aquatic life to populate your pond, you’ll need to install a pump. Recirculating solar pumps work well for aerating the water, and garden ponds will benefit from small, submersible pumps.

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Waterfalls are a great addition and add that extra element of sound to the whole pond experience. The water will flow from an upper source and trickle down from ledge to ledge or rock to rock, however, you design the system to work. At the end of its run, it will feed back into the pond, where it can usually recirculate to be used again.

Even if you want things to look totally natural, you’ll want to keep the number of plants in your water garden or pond manageable. You want to soften the outlines of the pond, not overwhelm or obscure it, so select smaller plants in contrasting shapes and incorporate some potted plants arranged at various heights.

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