We’ve gained a reputation throughout the greater Pensacola area for the exceptional designs of the striking spaces we create, and we’re passionate about providing our customers with unrivaled beauty and a unique appearance that communicates their own desire to set themselves apart. We offer design landscape services to help build that dream outdoor space as well as a wide variety of maintenance landscaping services to ensure that every property is maintained with the highest attention to detail. We want our clients to know that their investment is being cared for and that we will go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals.

Guiding You Through Your Landscape Design

Whether we’re executing a renovation or addressing the plans for a newly constructed landscape, we make it our priority to see our clients’ needs met in a timely, professional manner. Our professional designers are fully experienced in both new builds as well as in renovations, a ready asset to the design landscaping services we offer our clients as we strive to ease the process of seeing the project from preliminary planning to completion and long-term maintenance. Plans are prepared and presented to the client to ensure complete satisfaction before a fully-costed Master Plan is prepared.

At Executive, we’re confident in our ability to create custom landscaping that will command attention, whether the property is commercial or residential. No project is too small, no vision is too great---we maintain a commitment to being innovative and cutting-edge, so that we’re able to provide our clients with the latest products and services that will not only suit their needs, but also help them bring their dreams to life.


Landscaping any property is an investment, and hiring professional, experienced landscape designers can be key in maximizing the potential of that investment. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we’ve built our name on the quality and excellence of our work, and our landscape designers have gained a reputation in the greater Pensacola area for their masterful creations.

Our team of landscape designers will meet with our clients for a personal consultation to discuss their goals and determine the possibilities. We’re highly knowledgeable and extremely experienced in landscape irrigation design, landscape lighting design, and hardscape design; and because of that expertise, we can incorporate any number of features into our projects, from sprinkler heads to stacked stone water features.

Our Design Process

Our consultations help us gain a better understanding for our clients’ needs, so that we can be respective of their schedules and their budgets at the same time as we explore what they might be hoping to achieve in their work with us. We strive to maintain our reputation for excellence in all we do, from customer interaction to market authority. We’re not satisfied to settle for good---we want great, and we consider each property in our care to be a chance to accomplish that objective and prove that desire.


Design Build vs Traditional Building when it comes to developing a new landscape for your home or business

  • One contractor for entire job vs Several contractors
  • Uses available plan material vs Specs plant material without verifying availability
  • Uses preferred vendors vs Uses vendors with the specified plant material
  • Less freight cost  vs Typical higher freight costs due to multiple sources
  • Longer warranties vs Standard 1 year warranty
  • Value in synergies  vs Low bid environment
  • Value in synergies vs Low bid environment
  • No design fees  vs Design Fees


We Take Pride In Your Beautiful Landscape

Every client we serve is important to us, no matter the size of their property; and that level of commitment to service is reflected in the relationships we build with them. They trust us to provide them with quality workmanship, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We take personal pride in the landscapes we create and maintain; and because we know that our standards are on display every day, we make it our top priority to meet and exceed expectations. Our clients depend on us to maintain their properties with as much dedication as if they were our own; and as a company that’s been locally-owned and operated for more than 30 years, we’re more than professionally invested in our work---we’re personally invested. We have roots that run deep in our community, and one of our greatest desires is to keep that community looking its best.

We know that landscaping is highly pivotal in building an outdoor space; unkept lawns and overgrown hedges will hardly impress anyone. In fact, even these seemingly simple factors can give the impression of neglect or disinterest rather than pride, and owning a property should be a point of pride. Custom landscaping doesn’t have to be costly, and it doesn't have to be elaborate. Sometimes the simplest plans are the most beautiful, if they’re executed well and maintained with care.


Landscape design for commercial property focuses on both the design and traffic flow of the property and the specific garden design of landscape elements within it. At Executive Landscaping, we strive to match the practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability of a landscape’s components with the wishes and desires of our clients.

Professional landscape designers should be considered an asset in planning a commercial landscape project. Landscaping is a crucial element to any business, as it creates an immediate impression for any visitor. How well the property functions as a whole, both in regards to the outdoor space as well as the business structure itself, is largely determined in the planning stages of the project. The landscape designers at Executive Landscaping are dedicated to providing you with a design that will be impressive and welcoming, to create an image that will leave your clients with a sense of quality and attention to detail. Your professional capabilities are reflected in the property you maintain, and design directly correlates to that.


At Executive, we’re careful, competent workers who view the environment as something to be respected; so the products we use are eco-friendly, effective, and safe. We use the best equipment available, and we maintain our superior industry knowledge by continually educating ourselves on every aspect of our work. Technology is always advancing, and we want to keep up with those advances so that we can offer advice with authority, rather than only vaguely referential speculations.

Personalize your property---let the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., provide you with custom landscaping that will set you apart. Give us a call today!