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Deck Out Your Space with Custom Deck Building

Custom Deck Building Ideas to Deck Out Your Space

There’s far more to a great backyard than just stunning landscaping. In fact, the BIGGEST way to make a backyard stand out is with a great deck or patio. Custom deck building will allow you to incorporate various elements into your space that an ordinary, run-of-the-mill or pre-fab deck won’t. Which also means that you’ll love – and use – your deck far more than you might otherwise.

Custom deck building gives you the ability to really go big…or not, if space doesn’t allow. But even if you’re not working with a great deal of square footage, the deck can still bring BIG style and big functionality. It’s all in how you space-plan and how you put your decking to work.

Deck Material

The first thing to consider is, of course, the material you want to use. The most common materials used in custom deck building are pressure treated lumber, redwood, composite and aluminum. Which you choose will depend on your budget and the level of maintenance you’re willing to invest in order to keep it looking good. You should also be mindful of factors like durability and aesthetics.

Pressure treated lumber

This is the most popular choice and is well-loved because it lends the look of hardwood. Unfortunately, it’s extremely susceptible to warping and requires a great deal of maintenance.


Also known as cedar, if you prefer – is a more durable type of wood option. However, it’s not the most budget-friendly.


This is a great option for anyone looking for a low-maintenance material that’s also highly durable. It comes in a range of styles, colors and finishes, which also makes it versatile.


This is a little less commonly used, as it is the most expensive material. On the upside, it’s also the most durable.

What’s On Deck for Your Deck

The next thing to consider in your custom deck building project is function. How do you plan to use your deck? Are you someone who frequently entertains outdoors? Do you like to use the backyard as an escape where you can relax and enjoy some time out in the fresh air? Or do you want it all? That’s the beauty of custom building your deck. You can designate areas to each function and create zones that are for seating, dining, cooking or however else you’d like to chill out.

Those zones will require flow, so that’s also high on the list of deck design. Make sure that people who are coming and going, carrying food, mingling or playing will have enough room to maneuver without getting in one another’s way. And remember: If YOU want to enjoy your deck, you’ll likely want to share it with as many other people as possible. Which means food prep, comfortable seating and ample dining areas are a must. Plan your space accordingly by incorporating enough room in your custom deck design to create an outdoor kitchen as well as space to spread out. You can even add features like outdoor lighting so that sunset doesn’t bring an end to your outdoor fun.

Deck UP

If you don’t have a great deal of space to go big with horizontal space, think about adding space UP. Create a multi-level deck, which is not only visually interesting, but also a great way to increase your amount of useable space. When you have multiple levels on your deck, you also have the advantage of using each level for one specific function, whether that’s for seating, dining or cooking. Just be sure to connect them with stairways that are easily accessible.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have years of experience in custom deck building and doing every step of the process from design to completion. Our outdoor experts can guide you along as you select your materials and plan your space. Together, we can bring your vision to life and make your deck a true masterpiece you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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