Don’t Be Late for Early Spring Lawn Care

In some regards, lawn care could be considered an analogy for life: prepare for the seasons ahead well in advance so that when the time comes, you’re in the best position possible. It stands to reason, then, that spring lawn care doesn’t begin in spring, but in fall. Sounds like early spring lawn care with a heavy emphasis on “early;” and, to an extent, it is. But any “early spring lawn care” that you’ve started in fall will reap the rewards when the weather warms up again; and your spring landscaping will be colorful, lush, and healthy because it’s had ample time to get ready for growing season.

Our professionals in residential landscaping services know all the ins and outs of early spring lawn care, which makes hiring them to handle all things green your best course of action. But if you do decide to tackle the turf with your own two hands, there are a few spring lawn care tips you need to know.

Timely Timeline

First off, be an early bird, but not with everything (I.e., don’t mow or aerate before the majority of your lawn is green because you run the risk of damaging the grass before it’s had time to mature). Next, take up the rake and give the lawn a thorough pass with the business end of it so that you’ll be able to remove any accumulations of thatch that may have happened over the past few months during winter. Raking will also help reveal dead or damaged areas that need some care.

Spring is also an ideal time to test the soil pH because the acidity levels can be significantly affected by winter weather; and when grass is too acidic, grass won’t thrive. To adjust elevated acidity levels, spread a thin layer of lime over the lawn so that the acid neutralizes enough to support the growth of new grass.

Ideally, you should have fertilized in fall and won’t need to think about fertilization yet, but some warm season grasses may require a refresher of fertilizer in spring because they started sucking up all of the nutrients once the weather warmed up. Using an eco-friendly fertilizer will help ensure that you’re taking care of your lawn in the safest way possible, so check into the options available.

Spring might necessitate the applications of pre-emergent herbicides, as well, which will prevent weeds from actually developing. Take care not to overdo it, though, because applying too much can cause damage to new grass that’s begun to grow.

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