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Driveways Part I: Have You Considered Options for Driveways?

Driveway Ideas to Keep You Parking Pretty

We all know that curb appeal starts at the curb, but it also extends well into your landscape and incorporates everything from your lawn and garden to the sidewalks and driveway. Yes, they need to be functional; but driveways claim a large amount of real estate in your front yard, which means that proper design, material use and condition are all key in keeping the curb appeal going strong.

Driveways should ideally be designed with consideration for the surrounding landscape as well as the architectural style of your home so that they are placed properly and play a complementary role to the overall look of your property. The dimensions of your driveway will also determine how accessible your home is to cars, and each can be customized to address factors such as frequency of use, the number of cars that might require parking space, actual lot size and the placement of your home on the property.

Driveway Function and Form Ideas

Once you determine your driveway size and layout, select the best material to suit your needs and your vision. It’s important to remember that the material you select must be durable enough to resist tire marks, oil drips, and deicing chemicals – in addition to being able to stand up to the wear and tear of car traffic.

Don’t limit your design to the driveways construction itself. Adding gates and accent lighting can make the driveway safer and more appealing, so consult with a landscape professional to discuss what might be available in your budget.

Drive Home the Details

When you schedule your consultation, there are a few points to go over with the contractor you choose, including:

· The shape of the driveway. Circular, straight, and curved are the three most common types of driveway shapes, and each has applications that make them more appropriate in certain cases

· Safe and accessible placement

· Planning proper drainage

· Placement and visually appealing design

· Recommended widths for single and double-car driveways

· Which material options will best suit your needs

· What the cost of installation might be for each material

· Any other factors that might increase the cost of installing the driveway, from the complexity of design to environmental issues such as sloping, curving and grading

· The look of the material and how it will impact your vision

· Ways to incorporate decorative accents like borders and aprons

· Lighting options and the best placement to optimize safety

With so many options available in style, shape and material, you don’t have to limit your driveway dreams and settle for the run-of-the-mill slab. A professional will be your best ally in designing a driveway that will be beautiful and functional, keeping the curb appeal of your home right on track.

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