Eco Friendly Fertilizer

Eco Friendly Fertilizer

Not all fertilizer is created equal, so if you’re conscious of the environment and find yourself staring at a landscape that needs a little intervention, it’ll certainly be important to find the most eco friendly fertilizer. Sure, they’re designed to help your lawn and garden grow more quickly and keep everything living the lush life, but some of the most commonly available products are actually harsh when it comes to the environment. If you’re not sure about which type might be the most eco friendly, fertilizer labels aren’t always the best resource; dig a little deeper and do some research of your own before you make your selection.

Follow the Formula: Eco Friendly Fertilizer

Once you’ve found your formula, there are still steps to take in keeping things eco friendly. Fertilizer should only be applied when the ground isn’t too moist to absorb it, and it’s important not to over-apply. Using it too often or in any amount over the recommended dose could actually do more harm than good, as seepage and run-off can actually pollute the water sources that are so important to the rest of the environment.

Do a quick health check of your property to determine whether fertilizer is actually even necessary. Overly shaded areas, diseases, and pests are all problems that might stunt growth––but none of them will be solved by an application of even the most eco friendly fertilizer. Take stock of the situation, and if all you’re needing is to go more green, try an iron-based formula instead of one made with nitrogen. And think long-term by choosing slow-release products, which actually make needed nutrients available over longer periods of time. In the end, they’ll be more beneficial to the environment as a whole and will likely actually be kinder to your wallet.

Before you sink any time or money into any of the products on the market, ask some area experts on their opinion as far as the most eco friendly fertilizer formulas are concerned. They might have some ideas and advice you’ve never considered, and they may also be able to provide you with some solutions that will give you more bang for your buck or require less effort.

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