Eco Friendly Flowers

Having a great garden can be a difficult task if you don’t really have a green thumb, but with the help of some careful planning and a few tips from the masters, even a novice can have a lush landscape. In fact, despite the rows and rows of caustic chemicals whose labels offer the promise of verdancy and vibrance, these venomous vials so commonly found on the market are not the only way to achieve the garden of your dreams. Eco friendly flowers are attainable and achievable if you do your homework and take a long, hard look at your property. Depending on where you plant and what you plant, those blooms won’t be doomed; and the greens of your dreams will finally take root.

Being Eco Friendly: Flowers Are Buddies

As you plan your planting project, remember that if you’re hoping to be eco friendly, flowers and mulched areas actually require less watering than lawns do, which means a reduction in water usage. Sure, your water bill will reap the rewards, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor by conserving that extra water and electricity. Think nature versus nurture and consider the fact that to be truly eco friendly, flowers should be chosen with the realization that those native to your environment will thrive the most and require the least care. If you do chose the exotic route, however, try to keep those specific species to a minimum––that way, you’ll run less of a risk that they’ll overtake your garden and become eco enemies rather than eco friendly. Flowers that naturally inhabit your area and planting region might not be able to stand up for themselves if stronger, more aggressive exotic plants are not kept in check––so in your efforts to find eco-friendly flowers, be aware that some species will require more attention and more intervention when it comes to keeping your garden healthy. Choose wisely, and your flowers will demand less maintenance––which means you’ll reduce your water usage and your reliance on pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that have the potential of harming the environment.

Being eco friendly doesn’t mean you’ve got plans of letting your landscape run amok and become overgrown with pesky weeds or scrubby shrubs. You can still have a well-maintained garden full of vibrant flowers without making heavy demands on the water supply or stocking your garage full of chemical aids. Take a few simple steps, and you’ll find that, in your mission to be eco friendly, flowers can really deliver.

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