Eco Friendly Landscaping

As people become more aware of the environment around them and the ways that their daily living bears directly on that environment, they’re searching for ways to live more naturally, and finding solutions for creating eco friendly landscaping is growing higher on the priority list.

Be Materially Minded

There are ways to get more environmentally conscious with your landscaping that are not only easy, but also unique and extremely creative. Use recycled materials like reclaimed wood beams and posts to create fencing; transform old shipping pallets into vertical gardens; use found objects like antique buckets and bins as planters; and consult with an expert to formulate a plan for hardscape design that uses broken stones or concrete collected from old building sites rather than buying new stones and pavers. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind property that not only looks good, you’ll have one that leaves you feeling good.

Rethink Your Drink

Reduce your water consumption by scaling down the size of your lawn. Gardens and planting beds require less irrigation than grass does, so by cutting back your sodded space, you’ll naturally be conserving water. Or make your property work for you by creating larger areas of hardscaping like patios and decks; those features will add to the overall look of your landscape without requiring a drop of water.

Kick the Chemical Habit

Reduce your use of chemicals by going natural. A landscape maintenance company will be able to advise you on lawn spraying services such as applications of horticultural oils and pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. These chemical alternatives use compounds made from ingredients that are natural-born weed killers and extremely effective in waging war against plant pestilence, so you’ll be able to maintain your eco friendly landscaping without worry of those common headaches.

Don’t be hasty with what looks like waste…natural fertilizer is right at your fingertips, and by composting kitchen scraps like veggie peels and spoiling fruit, fallen leaves, mulch, and even grass clippings, you can provide your lawn and garden areas with the key nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy, without having to resort to chemical fertilizers.

Keep your relationship with the planet healthy and strong! Give the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!