Energy Efficient landscaping


Simple Tips for Energy Efficient Landscaping

In this day and age of “going green,” it’s little wonder that so many people have turned that focus on ways that their homes function, from the appliances they choose for their kitchens to the light bulbs they use in the bathroom vanities. Energy conservation is a huge concern, and that doesn’t stop at the door. Rather, it starts at the curb and walks through the house right on back to the farthest corners of the backyard. Which means – you guessed it – even the landscaping affords the opportunity to achieve the very same mission of energy conservation.

It might sound complicated, but it’s much more simple than you’d imagine. It’s all about the choices you make in the materials you use and the practices you adopt. Do it all wisely, and you’ll be able to brag about how great your yard is at energy conservation. Meaning your green thumb is definitely as “green” as it can get.

Energy Conservation Professionals

Need eco-friendly landscaping ideas that won’t break the bank or complicate your life? Hiring a landscape company is a wise move, for the simple fact that they often already have the best solutions in their playbook. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have years of experience in creating custom landscape solutions for clients all across the Gulf Coast that are not only masterpieces – they’re also the picture of energy conservation. We’ll walk through some ideas with you to determine which best suit your needs and the vision you have for your property and guide you along in which materials are within your budget. Keeping the environment safe is one of our greatest goals, and we offer our wisdom to our clients so that energy conservation is as simple as possible.

Plant a Tree, Save the Energy

Trees are a natural part of landscaping in most people’s minds, but they’re also a wise move for their ability to provide shade – which, in turn, reduces the cost of your energy bill in the heat of summer. They also provide natural windbreaks to slow the wind as it nears your home, which reduces the risk of heat loss.

Conservation Installations

Options for creating those windbreaks aren’t limited to trees, however. Taller shrubs planted in hedgerows are also a great option if you want something less obtrusive. Try moving hedgerows against the exterior wall of your home or install trellises growing with vines. The barrier naturally insulates your home against the chill of the wind.

Materially Efficient

As you know from walking across sun-baked pavement barefoot, paved areas suck up heat and radiate it like an oven. The fewer the paved areas in your landscaping, the less heat emissions will seep into the rest of your yard. Try alternatives like gravel in certain areas of the landscape to reduce the heat absorption and increase your energy conservation even if only slightly.

Be Energy-Minded

Irrigation systems with rain sensors to conserve water in the event that the ground moisture is high enough, and installing outdoor lighting fixtures that are solar-powered or use energy-efficient bulbs reduces power costs.

Conserving energy also extends to things you might not consider: using locally sourced materials, selecting plants from local growers, planting drought-resistant plants that require less water and composting. Even the simple things add up to reduce your impact on the environment, and that energy conservation will reflect itself in your energy bills. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we consider each of our masterpieces to be an opportunity to benefit the environment – and that’s a beautiful thing.

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