Executive Decorating for the Christmas Season

Ho Ho Holiday Landscapes

We don’t all live in areas of the country that seem to decorate themselves for the season with blankets of snow and foliage that turns magnificent hues that are like firelight in their tones of reds and golds. In Northwest Florida especially, the fall and winter seasons come and go with little visual variation on the look of the landscape, save for the adverse ones that thin out the leaves of the trees and make our yards go crunchy and brown. With a little diligence, however, keeping your yard looking magnificent all through the year and right on into the holidays can be certainly be done – and getting your halls decked can be just as much fun outside as it is in.

Trim your trees with strings of outdoor lights that show off your personality, whether you prefer the cheeriness of colored lights or love the elegant glow that simple white lights offer. From blinkers to cascades to steady displays, the options are endless in just what you can achieve when you use your trees – and any other shrubs or bushes – to your benefit. And in this time of budgets stretched by the flurry of gift purchases, having those decoration-ready plants will save you a few dollars when you could really use them the most.

Oh Christmas Yard

Of course, ornaments always help set the tone, so add a few weatherproof decorations like shatterproof ornaments and bright ribbons into various aspects of your landscape. Point the way to your front door as an entryway to Christmas cheer with fun and festive yard signs that are staked into the lawn. Love an overabundance of color? Pack on the holiday happiness with vivid door wrapping and wide ribbon that makes your front door look like a wrapped gift, and set out snowmen, reindeer, or nativity scenes on your porch. Wrap garlands of greenery or strings or lights around the railings of your porch balconies and stairs. And keep that cheery glow going strong with strings or lights hung from the eaves of the roof of your home, your patio and porch areas and any other outdoor structure that you have that could use a little touch of cheer.

Be resourceful in your own yard by gathering branches to spray paint white or metallic like gold and silver. You can use them to make wreaths, in an arrangement as a fun way to hang tiny ornaments or to tuck in strings of light. Collect pinecones and get them ready for Christmas by spraying them white and covering them with glitter, then pile them high in a tin bucket next to your door.

Remember, use what you have. Your landscape can serve as a blank canvas, and any outdoor space in your yard can be your place to let your inner elf come out to play, so be imaginative and get creative.