Executive’s Holistic Approach to Landscaping Ecology

landscape ecology

Taking the Holistic Approach to Landscaping

There’s been a major shift in the past few years to living holistically, removing the barriers between certain aspects of life like health and beauty, mind and body to create a deeper connection for them all and achieve a better-balanced way of living. Interestingly enough, that “holistic” way of thinking even extends into landscaping, giving rise to a study called landscape ecology that explores the relationships between ecological processes in the environment and certain ecosystems to improve those relationships. In terms of the everyday homeowner and their property, landscape ecology can essentially be simplified as using the natural settings of their landscape to influence the flow and design of their landscaping plan.

Landscaping Ecology at Home

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we recognize the various dynamics of landscape ecology and how that necessitates working with an architect to achieve a design that is sustainable over the long-term. That long-term plan is essential in understanding the effect on things like utility usage, energy efficiency, terrain and natural resources in a way that respects the homeowner’s budget, as well as the environment. In doing so, we succeed in creating a design for the landscape that functions well both for the homeowner as well as one that complements its natural surroundings and benefits the Ecosystem.

Long-Term Thinking About Ecology

We have decades of experience in working directly with homeowners as well as with architects to accomplish the overall goal within budget and materials that are strong, economical and as environmentally friendly as possible. That collaboration is essential in achieving the true spirit of landscape ecology. Our goal is to provide our clients with a beautiful landscape that showcases their property and brings out its best features. At the same time, we realize the importance doing so in a way that also makes it a more livable, more enjoyable space for the homeowner to use in their everyday lives. However, that objective should always be respectful of nature as well as budget – not simply during the execution of the project, but also in the future when the homeowner must maintain it.

Holistic Relationships for Sustainable Landscaping

Maintenance is often something that many people overlook, never considering the fact that whatever features they incorporate in their landscape design require such things as irrigation, proper care and often power and water supplies. That initial expense of design and installation is only the beginning, so integrating the moving parts of architect, landscape designer and landscape maintenance professionals is vital in creating a landscape that lasts for years to come without causing a drain on budget or on the environment.

Whatever your vision, we at Executive Landscaping, Inc. can help you bring it to life and provide you with a masterpiece worthy of showing off. In living here on the Gulf Coast, we appreciate the beauty all around us, and want to respect that beauty in all that we do, no matter how large or small the project might be.

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