Fall Landscape Flowers

Consider the Colors: Fall Landscape Flowers

Needless to say, the calendar is an unrelenting daily reminder that summer has come and gone and that fall is, in fact, here––which brings all types of changes, not the least of which is a wide and colorful array of fall landscape flowers. It’s an extremely fortunate fact for Florida, especially since anyone living here has heard this complaint many, many times: “Florida has great beaches, but it only has two seasons. Hot and hotter.” And while that may not be technically accurate, there is a legitimate observation buried deeply, very, very deeply in such complaints.

As a generally sandy region of the country that seems a bit inhospitable to trees and foliage that bear such colorful witness to the seasonal changes, Florida often offers very few visual reminders of those four distinct seasons. In fact, while the other parts of the country may be enjoying the turning of the leaves from their lush greens to the rich golds and reds of fall, we scratch our heads and wonder if the trees have gotten the memo. Which is where all those fall landscape flowers prove their value. For Floridians, our visual cue of seasonal change is the newly planted palette of colors and species of buds in the beds, fall landscape flowers that thrive best in more temperate temps later in the year.

A Fine Time for Fall Landscape Flowers

Fortunately, theres an almost endless variety of options to usher this new time of year, and here are some of the best fall landscape flowers to enhance your garden and remind you that “hot and hotter” are not our only seasons.

Coleus –
Landing high on that list of fall landscaping flowers is the Coleus, a flower known for the richness of its late sunset hues of magenta, chartreuse, and deep eggplant. They possess the ideal texture and dimension for adding interest to your landscape, and the large leaf-like blooms thrive best on sunshine and moderate warmth rather than the high heat of summer.

Stromanthe Sanguinea –
Despite being a bit tall and spindly, the Stromanthe Sanguinea––more commonly known as the triostar––offers a bright hit of red to any garden space, a great way to catch the eye and add a more cohesive feel to the deepening shades of your fall landscaping flowers.

Plumbago auriculata –
Often known as skyflowers because of their range of blue hues, the resilient Plumbago auriculata has colorful clusters of small flowers that grow on evergreen plants native to the climates of South Africa, which makes them perfect for the heated temperatures of Florida’s gardens. Generally, these hardy blooms are fast-growing from spring into late fall and are the perfect way to give your garden a delightful case of the blues.

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Barleria cristata –
In complement to all of that blue, add some purple to your fall landscape flowers. Resilient even in the heated gardens of Florida, the Barleria cristata or Philippine Violet bloom from September to December, faring best in drier growing environments.

Salvia leucantha –
As one might suspect from the common name of Mexican sage, the Salvia leucantha, grows well in Florida’s warm and sandy soils, blithely blooming from late summer on into fall and weathering through winter. As it is highly heat tolerant, this blooming evergreen is a great option for any Florida gardener considering fall landscape flowers and adds a punch of purple to punctuate the season.

Senna Alata –
Appropriately known as the candle bush, the candlestick-like flowering yellow clusters of the Senna Alata seem almost to glow in the garden. This medicinal plant is native to Mexico and is an ideal plant to enhance even the sometimes ungracious environment of Florida’s landscape, lighting the way all through fall and into winter.

While this may have been only a tiptoe through the tulips so to speak, it’s a little reminder that with so many option in fall landscape flowers, even Florida can paint a picture of seasonal change. Do some exploring and welcome fall with open arms… just remember the fertilizer.

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