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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall Landscaping Checklist

You may not know it, but fall landscaping can be broken out into two parts: early fall and late fall. And depending on which end of the season is coming up on your calendar, the ways you approach your lawn care can mean the difference between having a healthy lawn and beautiful landscaping all year long and ending up with a yard that needs some major damage control.

Here are some great autumn gardening tips to set your season off right:

Early Fall:

  • Ready your garden beds for planting when spring rolls around and plant spring bulbs now.
  • Use containers as a planting space for plants and flowers that are cold-hearty so that your yard doesn’t lack color in winter.
  • Bring any houseplants you may have outside indoors, but make sure they’re free of pests and disease.
  • Wrap your more delicate garden plants with fleece to keep them warm when things get chilly.
  • Spread mulch over garden areas with tender perennials so that they’re insulated from the cold.
  • Overseed the lawn and apply fall fertilizer to your grass.
  • Prune your hedges.

Late Fall:

  • Plant your garden with rosebushes, shrubs, trees, and hedges that will all start to come into their full glory in spring and summer.
  • Plant tree seeds.
  • Trim any late-flowering shrubs you may have so that they’re not damaged by winter’s wind.
  • Rake the lawn free of leaves and remove compost build-ups to prevent the development of rot.

Plan Your Plate

Love an edible garden? Many fall vegetables should have already been planted in summer so that they’re bearing their harvest now, but early fall is also a great time to plant cooler weather vegetables like peas. Now’s the time when the soil temperature has lowered down, but it’s not so cold that the seeds won’t germinate.

Seasonal Awareness

Fall landscaping should be approached with two ideas in mind: to plant for the current season, but also to think ahead to the upcoming one. Fall flowers and fall plants are generally from a species that can handle cooler conditions, but they might not be fully tolerant of hard winter freezes, so do some research as you consider which fall landscape flowers and plants you incorporate into your fall landscaping ideas and formulate your to-do list for fall gardening.

The beauty of your landscape shouldn’t stall in fall! Consult with the outdoor experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc., today!