Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips Will Keep Your Lawn in Top Shape

Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips

As summer fades into fall, one particular consideration that must be made by all property owners is the necessity of fall landscape maintenance. Any experienced professional landscape maintenance service provider will be able to offer you fall landscaping maintenance tips, but taking care of them all can be a daunting task if you try to address it all on your own. Enlisting the help of a professional team to ready your lawn and landscaping for the colder winter months that follow fall will certainly be extremely beneficial, and when spring rolls around again, you’ll be glad you followed all those fall landscaping maintenance tips.

Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips to Follow

Here are a few of the best fall landscaping maintenance tips:

  • Aerate the lawn so that compacted soil can be loosened, which will allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to be absorbed into the ground.
  • Spray anti-desiccant, a foliage spray designed to help trees retain their moisture in wintry months.
  • Power seed the soil so that proper seed-to-soil contact is achieved. This particular method of seeding uses specialized equipment to turn the soil.
  • Reseed any bare or thin areas of the lawn by applying grass seed, which will help fill in those sparse areas.
  • Consider the need to pre-treat for mold, a disease caused by a fungus that often develops in cooler, wet weather.
  • Rake or blow the lawn free of any collected fallen leaves or pine straw––an accumulation inhibits the sunlight from being able to reach the grass during its growth cycles.
  • During cooler months, this can prove to be especially detrimental to your lawn as it prepares for dormancy during the cold of winter; these are the months that it must store up food, and the food-producing sunlight is essential.
  • Winterize your lawn mower so that it can be safely stored during its months of inactivity. This will include draining it of oil and gas and cleaning it of all accumulated grass clippings or oil build-up. When spring mowing season returns, the lawn mower will be much easier to prepare for its time in heavy rotation.

Following a few fall landscaping maintenance tips may seem like it would be inconsequential, but as the cooler weather approaches, these fall landscaping maintenance tips will have a huge impact on your landscaping. They’ll help you maintain the health of your property and make the cold season seem a little less colorless. Your landscaping will survive the cold snap and continue to be the point of pride it is during the blush of spring and summer!

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