Fall Yard Decorating Ideas for Warm Climate

fall decorating

Decorating for Fall in Warmer Climates

Contrary to what some people say, areas of the country with a warmer climate year-round DO actually experience fall – though it’s generally not quite to the degree that other areas do. Plants and trees still change their colors and eventually lose their leaves, grass still slows down its growth in preparation for winter dormancy, the temperature still cools down and gets a little bit of bite to it. But the temperate conditions of warmer climates should hardly negate the fact that fall has befallen us, so be proactive and play up the season by doing some outdoor fall decorating.

Decorate with Pumpkins

One of the most common fall decorating trends is – and perhaps always will be – arrangements of pumpkins and gourds somewhere on the porch, deck or walkway. The harvest time fruit is practically emblematic of fall, so pile them on and get creative with the size, shape and colors that you use in your display.

Hay Y’all, It’s Fall

Hay bales are another fall decorating favorite. Fall is the time when farms bring in the harvest, hauling in the crops and bailing hay like mad, so why not use bales of hay as a seasonal landscape accent? Here’s another festive idea – these decorative bundles also work marvelously as seating, so set some up around a fire pit or near an outdoor fireplace so that everyone can cozy up and enjoy the warmth during the chillier evening hours. Just be sure that you keep enough distance between the hay bales and the fire, as hay is highly flammable.

Fire Up the Fall Decor

Speaking of fire pits, fall decorating gives you the perfect excuse to add one to your yard. After all, what says fall like fire and hotdogs on a stick or all the fixings for s’mores? Install one yourself or hire local landscaping experts like the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc. to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area with a fabulous fire pit and some seating.

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Fall for Color

Plant seasonal flowers in your garden or set out potted plants on your porch or along your walkways. Fall decorating always incorporates the rich hues of autumns like golds, reds, oranges and browns, so use that as inspiration for the colors of the flowers you choose. Be sure to select flowers and plants that thrive in fall and are cold hardy like mums, hyssop, aster, helenium, sunflower and goldenrod. Consult with a local nursery or landscaper to get a better idea of which types fare well in the warmer climate and bloom throughout the months of fall.

Don’t Ignore Your Door

Decorate your door and entryway with a fall wreath and an arrangement of branches in large buckets or vases. It’s not much, but sometimes a little goes a long way – plus you’ll give yourself another reminder that fall indeed has fallen every time you walk through your front door.

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