Figuring Out Your Fountain

Fountains of Tranquility

There’s an undeniable experience brought by water…a calming feeling of tranquility that touches you on a cellular level and seems to hush your mind and your body. And by adding a water feature to your landscape design, you can achieve that very same sensory experience and transform even the most ordinary backyard space into a retreat-like area or bring a unique focus to your front yard or courtyard.

Prefabricated fountains can be found in a wide range of sizes and styles, using an endless variety of materials. For something truly exceptional, you can have one custom designed to match the style of your home or created to compliment the aesthetic of your landscape. They can be mounted on walls or existing structures, freestanding, tiered or disappearing. The type you choose will be determined by your budget and the amount of space you have to work with as well as the amount of maintenance you’re willing to commit to.

Focus on the Fountain

If you want to create a focal point, you’ll naturally want a larger fountain. Smaller fountains, by contrast, lend themselves to being more of an accent. But where you place the fountain will weigh heavily into your selection, as the area will dictate the size of the structure that will seem the least intrusive. Of course, you’ll want its placement to be where it can be enjoyed, rather than hidden away in an area of the yard that is rarely used.

Style is key, as the style of your garden will help determine where the fountain should be placed. Informal gardens look best with fountains tucked into a corner or somewhere along a meandering garden path, while more formal gardens lend themselves to fountains with a more central place where they can be a true focal point.

Listen to your surroundings you as you decide where to place the waterfall. The sounds of the water can mask the sounds coming off the street, so position it in an area of your yard where the white noise of the waterfall can override the sounds of traffic. If you have a patio, consider installing it within range so that you can enjoy the soothing trickle as you relax outside. Wherever you place the fountain, however, be sure that the electrical source is nearby and that you’ve located it somewhere that will not be a danger to your children or pets.

Fountain Foundations

While outdoor fountains are made from a variety of different materials, they are typically constructed of cast stone, fiberglass, ceramic and metal. In addition to your budget considerations, the material you choose for your fountain should be based on its appearance, durability and weight. Each of these factors will be significant because they each influence the style, size and even the placement of your fountain, so discuss all of your options with a landscape professional.

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