Fire Pit Installation

Fire Pit Installation
Keeping Warm and Cozy for Outdoor Living

Fire pit installation may seem like it would be as straight forward as digging a hole in the ground and pouring in some flammable materials like wood logs, wood chips, or charcoal; but if you’re looking to achieve something a little more refined and a little less caveman, you might do well to clear your mind of the image conjured by the word “pit.” Yes, the term generally refers to a hole in the ground; but when it comes to fire pits, it’s important to dig in to design.

The romantic glow and the warmth of a fire is naturally appealing, especially on chilly days when the sun’s gone down and the colder temps have dipped even lower. But even during those times of the year that things are a bit more mild, having a fire to gather around can be the ideal way to encourage outdoor living and entertaining. Set up some dedicated seating spaces around that roaring fire, and you have the perfect place to relax and enjoy some good conversations and have one killer s’mores session.

That’s the Pits

When it comes to the cost of adding a hardscape design element—especially a fire feature—fire pits are much more affordable to the average homeowner than a full-scale outdoor fireplace. They’re also easier to install and will require less space and can offer you a great deal of options in customization. As you create your own plan to install a fire pit, decide whether you want it to be portable or if you prefer it to be a permanent fixture in your landscaping. Permanent fire pits can become a true focal point to your backyard and ground your overall design a bit more, while portable pits may be more appealing to you simply because they offer greater versatility in terms of placement and ease of removal.

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Get Fired Up

For permanent fire pits, a licensed contractor or landscaping maintenance company will be your best ally when it comes time for installation. They’ll know which materials to use to achieve the look and feel you’ve been imagining, but they’ll also be able to install it safely and properly so that the fire has the correct amount of air circulation and distance from flammable materials so that your fire feature doesn’t become a fire hazard. Portable fire pits will also require due diligence in taming the flames, so place them in an area at least ten feet away from your home, fences, and anything else that may potentially catch fire from errant sparks.

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